Are we going to have a version that works on PS5?

I guess my title explains it all?

PS5 will run PS4 games.

Short answer: No.

Long answer: I really severely doubt that they’ll make this game backwards compatible on the PS4 (since it’s supposedly gonna have that capability for some games), and as far as a re-port of an already shoddy port goes: I’ll just laugh at the notion and leave it at that.

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yes… Its runs alot of same hardware in question, so alot of Ps4 content should in theory work fine. There gonna be exceptions and needs for patches.

We wont really know till days happens. I kinda hope Funcom gets Ps5 dev kits, So maybe alot of the issues wont happen. =3

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The basic PS5 is a ps4 pro with upgraded hardware, like SSD.

The PS5 controller has more buttons and sensitivity.

only if they are patched for ps5 for a lot of games.

All (new) games submitted to Sony after some time in June (I think it was) are required to work on ps5, but for older games it’s up to the devs.

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I was confident they could achieve it a few months back but when a company doesn’t learn from it’s mistakes it’s doomed. Unfortunately it’s us Conan fans who suffer the most, what a wasted opportunity for the Conan franchise.

Patch? Maybe for newer code that handles the ps5 loading screens. The hardware is not the same there.

I have no real knowledge of how it works, but from what I’ve seen it seems like it’s a pretty simple patch

I don’t know how Sony are planning to handle backwards compatibility but based on what little I know about it on Xbox I think CE is more likely to get a next gen specific version. Keeping the game updated for each new patch/DLC would require Sony/Microsoft to constantly make the new content work. I could be wrong though :man_shrugging:

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From my understanding, if FFXIV can go from PS3 to PS4, all while puting PC and Console players on the same servers. I think you’ll be fine here. PS4 and PS5 from what I understand aren’t as different as PS3 and PS4 were.

Great news is the better hardware should help with some issues and give a better looking game. Yall got 4k TV’s yet?

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This is what I’m hoping for. A next-gen version. If they do a new PS5 Version with upgraded graphics (Honestly, I can’t complain about them now BUT PS5 will bring the thunder)

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With FFXIV they actually enhanced the game when it went PS3 > PS4 and then again with PS4 Pro. Conan I highly doubt they will make any changes.

I think natively it will work fine or even better on PS5. As with regular PS4 this game runs awful but on PS4 Pro its atlest playable.

I don’t forsee any additions if they move either. In FFXIV the PC version is held back by the consoles since they do play together. Conan Exiles is the exact opposite. The PC version is dragging the console version kicking and screaming unable to keep pace.

They should not have done that IMO. Hopefully once they go to PS5. They tone it down a bit. Though with the new map, I dunno. I think we still have a rough ride ahead of us.

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I play FFXIV and I own both the PS4 and PC copy. I think they executed crossplay perfectly IMO. Yes PC is held back but they keep everything inline with both versions while at the same time not limiting the PC version graphically. The PC copy is by far superior in terms of over all graphics.

Conan mean while focuses on just the PC version and the consoles are a side piece that gets updated when something is majorly broke or money is involved (DLC). I understand they most likely have to pay a fee to Sony/Microsoft for every patch/update. But dam show us some love. That is the main reason I don’t think we will be getting and enhancements with PS5. It would be like recreating the game for free.

FFXIV can get away with it because we pay a monthly service to play so costs are already covered.

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You know when they moved to PS4 for FFXIV, they didn’t hold back the PC much at all. PS3 definitely did. But not so much PS4. That last expansion was amazing. If PC is being held back, then we’re in for a treat when it goes to PS5.

But unfortunately SE is a Billion dollar entity. Funcom isn’t. So the resources are just not there.

My favorite FF was the number 10. It is almost 20 years since I play this game but I remember all the characters and the story. FF is for me the top game title ever.

And now the stories about game companies that are gonna charge money for a ps4 -> ps5 or xb1 -> xbsx upgrade begins … :confused:

You don’t think a company should get paid for developing a PS5 version? I’d gladly purchase a PS5 coded version of Conan. PS5 should allow them to tweak a lot of stuff to make the game even better. Maybe some of your woes of playing are from the servers you’re on?

On the server I play on, the admin is always doing cool stuff like spawning in random creatures - this really catches me off guard. I LOVE IT. The settings of everything make the game fun again. It is a PS4 server though. Search for “CST Boosted PvP” should be good enough to find it. I assume the CST is for central standard time as they’re a central time zone server.

I expect it to run on PS5 with a patch but not for it to get any enhancements. It will still have the current limitations of the unreal engine version it uses and they aren’t going to upgrade that as I understand it, until there is a proper sequel to the game, which is likely a long way off.