Are we going to have a version that works on PS5?

They’ve already paid for the software.

When I bought Everquest in 2001. It was for Windows 95/98. It now runs on Windows 10. When players bought FFXIV for the PS3 in 2010, they can play it today on the PS4, and will likely be able to play it in PS5 without paying any extra. I don’t see why CE should be any different.

I dont belive anyone said they wouldnt pay for a PS5 version. The conversion is about the current version moving to PS5 with enhancements. Sony has stated PS4 games will be backwards compatible so there should not be an issue playing moving forward. But i wont pay a extra dime for graphic enhancements. There are to many issues with this game that need to be fix before FC focuses on graphics.

because its been stated thru several sources that backwards compatibility will be to top 100+ games. (well that number is several months old)

Is Funcom themselves making it work? Is Sony gonna put in effort there end to make CE runs on ps5?

Will it run on its own with out patch… Mystery!!!

Intill Funcom shows up and goes yes, we tested and got it working on a ps5/x1x277…9er… w/e that console tag is.
We really just need them to step forward and say something when they can.

Not mention if it will be 10$ charge… full price… free port over. /shrugs

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The way most PS4/PS5 games are being marketed, it looks like you play the PS4 version on PS5, not that you have to buy a second copy, but I agree, without more information its just speculation.

Ya, So far “Latest” Games will just require you pay 10$ fee and pop in ps4 disc (Call of Duty Cold War confirmed this for those who buy ps4 version)
GTAV(o) last I saw was a rebuy, havnt kept up on public outcry outside they would reward those who play day 1 on ps5 with loads of money(in game)

Theres been little discussion to any games that arent having a “ps5 version” Aka CE, Diablo 3, etc etc.
Its such toss up… and I’m pretty sure Sony isnt gonna clear it up. Not out of fear… just cause it keeps psv in a conversation as people guess.

Good luck on that PS5 patch its gonna be something if they even get it somewhat right within a year of release.- expect it to be broken.

And a lot of these enhancements are pretty much what PC players can change in settings…

Imagine being on pc and having to pay for going from medium to high settings :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

Some PC players probably have if they found that their system couldn’t handle high settings, pay to upgrade the system.

I run the pc version on ultra and it doesnt really look different than a ps4 pro.

that’s a stupid comparison, cos we also pay for the hardware upgrade… ps4 -> ps5 you know… it’s what the thread is about :slight_smile:
I’m talking software… Paying for changing the settings…

A lot of the ps5 upgrades will just be changes to settings… and some companies want you to pay for that

I think ultimately it depends on how the back compatibility is put into effect. If PS5 uses the same method that is used by Xbox One then it seems unlikely that any game requiring regular updates would be included. If Sony have come up with a better method then it’s quite possible but even then it’s not necessarily going to be done straight away.

Ps5 is stated to be based on the same architecture as the ps4 with pretty much just improved hardware. Based on that, its supposed to be relatively easy for games to be backward compatible on the system. That hasnt really been true in the past as the ps3 was based on that notorious cell architecture and the backwards compatible models had to have the old ps2 processor riding along on the same heatsink (causing many heat failures and never to be repeated on another playstation generation). Sony’s attitude for ps5 seems to be “we gave you what should work, but the developers need to make sure it does work”.

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