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will there be a ps5 edition for conan exile

“Yes, the PS5 WILL be backwards compatible - but only with a selection of games. Sony’s PlayStation 5 will only feature backwards compatibility with PS4 games” - from google.
In other words, no new edition needed. The game will just work, as it’s a PS4 title.
Conan Exiles: Platform(s): Microsoft Windows PlayStation 4 Xbox One

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dude read
i want a ps5 edition of the game that is optimized and uses the new ssd and cpu and mybe some better graphics

Dude read, PS 5 is backwards compatible. You honestly think they will be producing a new game version specifically for PS5? lmao

Hardly important btw


So basically, you expect Funcom to stop development, bug fixes, and everything else, so they can focus on optimizing the game and improving the graphics.

If they did this, honestly most would probably get even more fed up with the company, given how lousy their track record has been in recent months. And it would be seen as little more than a fresh cash grab.

They need to be focused on bugs and fixing their mistakes, not slapping a shiny coat of paint over them to conceal them in hopes of suckering in new players who don’t know any better.

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Techianlly a SSD in general need no rework. So Ps4 copy of CE in PS5 will work with SSD.

As for Other parts of Hardware? Depends on how Ps5 handle it… EMUing ps4 hardware? Maybe.

Will it be like PS4 Pro, and need tweaks to make it work?

Thou… why not ask for CE-II Instead?

As neat as Unreal Engine 5 and PS5 is? I do not really want to rebuy Game or dlc… cause I doubt any of it will be honored. I’d rather a new title at that point. (especially if they have rework the game for rerelease and waste months to year doing so. =/

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is it that hard to make a remasterd version of conan with just some setting changes for the next gen hardware

true that it doesnt need optim… for ssd but if thy optimize it you will love it

ps:it isnt hard for game defs


Dude, write :wink:

You didn’t make that clear in your original post :slight_smile:

If there was one thing I hated hearing when I worked in game development, it was hearing how “it isn’t hard” from people who have no idea about it – or about software development in general. Just… don’t, okay?

Have a modicum of respect for the people in the industry.


IF there ever come a day when Funcom releases a Conan Exiles: Game of the Year Edition after development has wrapped up…I will definately be buying it again!


Yes exactly, it’s not hard. I also watched a video on how nuclear reactors are built, I definitely won’t have a hard time building one myself, not sure what those construction workers need so long for, they should just hurry, it’s easy.


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