Ps5 version conan exiles

Hi exiles !!!

is a ps5 version planned?

do you play on ps5 ?

  • yes
  • no

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enjoy !!

Can’t get my hands on one

I play on PS5 but since the ps4 version is playable on PS5 why would they create an updated version? They have problems keeping up with the current PS/Xbox versions I rather they just fix the current console game than give me better graphics.

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A friend recently got a PS5 says it is great don’t know the difference in ConanExiles for sure.

Absolutely no difference playing on PS5 in terms of graphics. Visually it looks the same.

The game runs a lot smoother you get better FPS so motion blur is more noticeable and locations like dungeons load in faster. I hardly ever get blue screened as well.

Outside of that its the same game so zero differences.


@SindeeSyringe ,Dude , you play long enough to forget that you don’t have a helicopter in your living room anymore :rofl::rofl::rofl: . For this reason only Ps5 worth the money , if only it was available on the market though .


I notice a big difference graphics wise. It may just come down to whether or not your tv is capable of letting you notice the possible difference.

I dont miss that jet noise at all haha :rofl:

My TV is 4k I would notice a difference. The “upres” that PS5 gives to PS4 games is not something that is notable. If it made the game look like Conan on PC then yeah I would be getty about it. Your most likely just not used to 60 FPS on PS so it looks god amazing.


That and I’ve just remembered that I never had the ps4 hooked up to my new Tele. The other one wasn’t even 4K so yeah it’s me not you lol. I never got to take advantage of the ps4 pro graphics so the ps5 looks god tier in comparison.


I recently returned to CE (former PS4 player) and have been playing it on my PS5. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by how well the game has performed: no crashes whatsoever (really, not one), significantly improved graphics rendering + draw distance, and a very solid 30 fps. I still find the combat to be awkwardly clunky, but that is a separate issue unrelated to platform. Like others, I fear that if a PS5 upgrade is released, performance will suffer.

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Only bonus is SSD really till they patch game to run under ps5 hardware.

Still trying get a ps5 myself… 2 of my friends go lucky on walking into Target and finding them. -_-’

Most points have already been covered, but figured I’d add my own experience.

I had the original PS4 before I got my PS5, the good ole one from back in 2013.

I have a 4K OLED TV so it really wasn’t being utilized with the old PS4, once I switched, the game looked absolutely amazing! Obviously there were a couple reasons why, but I immediately noticed things I had never seen before, individual blades of grass and extremely close details that just weren’t visible before.

The best part for me is still the rendering/loading, only the absolute biggest biggest bases or crazy amounts of thralls outside a base may make my PS5 struggle to render in instantly. Appearing at obelisks instantly is also amazing!

Basically, it’s got virtually no issues at all with rendering, which on my PS4 was the main issue. It also has maybe crashed once in nearly half a year, this game is definitely much better on a PS5 than the PS4!


Nice. Now to actually find a ps5

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