PS5 Enhanced version for Age of Sorcery

Funcom, are you planning to add any quality/performance improvements for PS5 version with this new update/DLC?
I’m always playing on PC at 4K 144Hz and when I want to play with other friends on Playstation it’s really frustrating having to play this awesome game in a PS5 at 1080p 30 FPS…
We’ve been waiting sooooo long for this features and had no answers yet (clear ones at least), and the worst part is that you already did this job on Xbox One / Series X almost a YEAR ago.

Are you planning to do that enhancement any soon?
Guess that a lot of players would come back / start playing if you implement that.

Could you please give an answer to us? We’re a lot of players waiting for this feature.
Thank you in advance.




Just Google searched “Conan exiles ps5 60fps” and was pretty disappointed to learn it’s never gotten a frame rate upgrade yet.

Moreso that Xbox DID get their frame rate bumped to 60fps.

Looks like I won’t be playing exiles anytime soon. My wallet is sealed until there’s 60fps on my PS5.


I feel exactly as you @cleric670 cleric, it’s really frustrating watching how they did that job on Xbox and they cannot give at least an explanation to us. They had A WHOLE YEAR and we’re still waiting for any info about this.
I just play on PC this game because my Playstation friends and I just started playing other games in that platform because we feel like we are playing in a gameboy when using a PS5.
But what angry us the most is FUNCOM silence about that matter.

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Can everyone interested on this 60 FPS and/or 4k upgrade answer this post, so maybe from Funcom will answer us?
I’ve sent some emails to them about that matter but still no answer, and my friends and I are so frustrated with them.

Could you help us to improve our Playstation community?

Thank you all.

I would welcome a PS5 optimization of the game.

I would prefer that they make the current game more stable, and issue free, before taking on a project such as this however.


Thanks for your anwer @Rollotomozi .

Obviously we need stability and solve those issues from last update, but remember that PC/Xbox are having same issues but they can play with better resolutions and increased FPS.
I’m just trying to settle PS5 users be at the same point as other platforms, not a lot of steps below them as we are.

Playing on a Ps5 at 30 FPS in 2022 it’s just frustrating. Moreover if the already did this job in every other platform.

Wish you all can contribute replying this post to be heard and benefit from the same as other players do.

Thank you all!

I hope there will be a PS5 upgrade in the near future. At least higher FPS and resolution would be nice.

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Welcome to the Forum. That has been asked about quite a bit haven’t heard of anything official one way or another.

I find that strange. Why is there no statement on this? I’m currently playing on the PS5 and it doesn’t feel that good. Apart from the many texture bugs since 3.0.

What a pity.

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I thought I recalled reading when ps5 first came out about upgrades to the game and how they wouldn’t easily be able to be added for ps5 hardware. There were replies and I believe also outside articles I read that the Xbox can get specific next gen updates faster to an existing game with the way the game binaries exist or something like that.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong here but I believe it was something to do with a PlayStation game either being shared as ps4/ps5 (incl ps4 pro) or ps5 only.

I extrapolate that to mean that unless there is an actual separate binary for ps5, that graphic improvements, etc would be somewhat limited to what can be done for a ps5 system in a binary file that is shared between ps4, ps4 pro, and ps5.
I do think it would mean that they could add features for ps4 pro that would help improve things for ps5 but I think that’s limited.

Anyways that’s my theory on what’s what. Maybe I’m totally out to lunch.

That doesn’t stop funcom from making a ps5 specific binary but then also splits development versions from what’s on ps4/ps4 pro vs ps5.

EDIT: I understand that the Xbox binaries are designed differently so can have more next gen features added more easily. Not sure if this is still the case for PlayStation binaries or just from the initial launch.

Anyways, anyone able to confirm or expand on this?

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Wow, really? That sounds like something the @Community really needs to address.

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I think a simple unlock FPS and resolution patch would definitely be possible. Better graphics and other features are of course harder to implement. I understand that.

However. I find it strange that they don’t just tell the community what’s going on. Will there still be something to come? Or do PlayStation players have to wait for Conan Exiles 2. xD

They (FC) are usually tight lipped about the root of issues until the fix is in and confirmed as completed. I have no doubt in my mind there is at least one other hot fix coming before the end of this chapter (3 month cycle).

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