New Player - PS5 Upgrade/Optimization

I played Conan exiles briefly on my PS4 and have since bought a PS5.

I checked out YouTube and saw PS4/PS5 logo specifically on a trailer for the new sorcery DLC.

Does the PS5 have optimization yet? Or is that coming with the sorcery DLC?

Not sure why PS5 would be listed in the trailer if it’s really just a backwards compatibility way of playing the PS4 game.

I know the series X/S got an upgrade last year, but I was curious if the PS5 did yet. I wanted to play it but my experience was pretty poor on PS4.

Thanks for help in advance.

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I don’t quite understand what exactly you are seeking here! You want to have an uprated version of the game on ps5?
You do have it !
In ps4 anyone who tries to play not in performance mode he will suffer huge gaming issues.
I play on ps4 performance mode and I have huge loading screens, invisible mobs and npcs, rendering issues and a jet base in my bedroom (the sound of my ps4 cooler) :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
You have none of these problems and you can enjoy the game as much as pc does :man_shrugging:.
Online is a different story!
Maybe it’s your internet, maybe it’s the server. A lot of complains can be done for g portal servers yet there is a new feature called Zendesk that you can report the server for bad performance or the player that caused the bad performance (build a total grid :rofl::rofl::rofl:). Feel free to log in in Zendesk too, it’s very handy for online gaming.

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Welcome to the Forum. My thoughts on the PS5 tag is some ps4 games are not compatible with PS5. Quite a few people have purchased PS5 and experience better results than with ps4 especially the older models. My wife and I have 1T models about 4 years old and generally plays fairly well. Funcom has tweaked the Unreal engine that the game runs on about much as possible have read this from PC players and modders. As far as 3.0 the pc test live group are looking for bugs and other issues right now.

I would imagine they will optimize fully to PS5 when they stop supporting PS4. Until then, I don’t expect them to add another machine to consider when updating.

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What leads you to this conclusion? It’s offered on 3 different Xbox series consoles and was still optimised for the latest.

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1)PS4 is going to go down anyways sooner than later. The lag, the load times, it’s actually inhibiting the game and creating negative customer feedback which inhibits marketing and there isn’t anything that FC can do.

  1. Sony. Sony is a dick when they are on top. While the coding maybe similar between PS4 and PS5, Sony’s approval process is quite taxing and having to do it twice is painful. As a player I do appreciate it at times to force companies to get their sheet together to have a quality product that I can play, but it’s a real pain to deal with it that MS equipment tends not to be so…stringent.

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