Any News about a Native Playstation 5 Version?

The Xbox Series already have their better version of the game. Where is the PS5 upgrade? Its a shame that Funcom never say a thing about this. What happened ? This is a Service Game, we need a Next Gen update for all.
Where is the Ps5 players ? Lets claim for it together!!


It’s been brought up numerous times. Even I myself have made a topic about it. Unfortunately, despite them knowing full well we want one, no news. No.

I saw a Topic from last year, ( November 22 ) that someone from Funcom answer, saying that they are working in patch for it… Later that, never heard anything more.
I Hope the Funcom suporte see this Topic and bring some news. Its all i want to come back to the game now.

This weekend, i played Conan on my friend Xbox Series S and the game is much better than on Ps5. Both on speed, grapichs and even less bugs. Everything is better on a much less porwerfull hardware. I cant believe this.

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