The Fifth Element - Next Generation PlayStation

Sony Demonstrates The PS5’s Load Times
YouTube link - Channel, ReviewTechUSA (published 21.05.2019)

Implications, pros and cons. What does this mean to the company, customers, competitors and so on; what has happened, what happens now and in the future. How well does the Conan Exiles hold up the mantle taken by their developer team, marketing department and human resources. Elaboration commences in 3… 2… 1… Go!

Conan Exiles ps5 edition, please!!

Was there some conversation about backwards compatibility?


I need more coffee.


Just noticed what the question tag does. :joy: Maybe I should change it or is it okay, coz the rest didn’t really fit. Maybe I add the PS4 to the tag. Yeah, I’ll do that now.


PS5: 10 Things Sony Just Confirmed - Channel Gameranx (published 17.04.2019)

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Nope. Its just something I personally would like to see when the ps5 does eventually land; a port of Conan Exiles.

Well, that’s another way to do it. An updated version would indeed be a better option. :smile:

Age of Conan 2.


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