[Closed] We need you to please hotfix asap Funcom

Im sure im speaking for lots of decent and fair CE players.

HotFix the exploit, you cannot leave it to wait the update.

Mend it , prevent it, use ductape or whatever.

Ask the opinions of players having to accept griefers laughing out loud.

You need to react to this one right away, TODAY or ASAP

Specially with a link posted in the forum, and even in the devtracker. (?!?!)

Thank you.


Play on a dedicated server with admins that actually watch for this sort of behavior, or just keep complaining and hating. You do have a choice, y’know.

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our base got wiped during the night…

He has every right to complain when people are using glitches/exploits/bugs to cheat


Any “hotfix” can only be deployed rapidly for Pcs. Any patch for Xbox or PS will take time as each patch must be vetted by those groups first.

Also, patches should never be rushed. Think of meltdown and spectre. They were huge bugs thsy effected everything. People rushed out patches and guess what, many sysyems suffered major performance issues. Is that what you want? I doubt it. Yes there are bugs in the game, yes there are exploits. However, let the company do it’s job to fix things properly instead of demanding a quick fix. As for why,because tbe risk to introduce bigger problems increase when a hot fix is rushed out the door.

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I - we have heard that sentence before my friend.

No hating - opposite, but you seem to need to turn things around to the get the attention. just dont post the obvious please, it was ment te be a serious topic of something what needs to be adressed fast.

If you don’t care bout this subject that’s fine.

You sound if you are an insider, do you work for Funcom, are you a coder? That would be great to have some expertise.

Ok pc fine thats something done. PS always lags behind because of the certifications so thats nothing new.

The Hotfix has arrived.

That’s a good thing.