Very exploitable bug that neeeds addressed ASAP

I’ve found a way to instantly kill anyone or anything in the game with extreme ease, as it sounds, this bug is VERY exploitable. Where / who do I contact in regards to this as I do not want to make this bug public knowledge.



please use this Form for submit an Exploit. That you could find in this Thread.



Once you have submitted, if they do “fix” it, please let the forum know it was fixed. I prefer to give them a couple of weeks to acknowledge, but if they refuse to fix, then i share with people when i am online, as to me it is then acceptable mechanic, and other players must be aware of the bug.

I will let people know if it is fixed, but I wont say what the bug is untill it has been fixed, even if it takes a while, as it is very exploitable and I feel it will ruin the game if it becomes public knowledge.


I understand. I just usually share it with friends after about a 2-3 weeks of no responses from Funcom on it. One reason, is so they can tell if someone might be using it, and the other is if not fixed and the players using it are gaining a huge advantage without risk, then it must be an intended mechanic. Again, doesn’t have to be fixed right away, just acknowledgement it is an exploit, and they will at least look into discipline for the players exploiting. My pet peeve is exploits. I believe once reported, they are either ruled as cheating, and if not , then are a game mechanic everyone can use. No gray areas when it comes to rules for me.

Well i all ready know how to dupe how to teleport how to create huge lag, how to jump far far far. And all of us know :slight_smile: PVP servers are full of this expoits. And full of ppl who doit evrey day. I do not think you can surprise me :). Bad part is funcom canot do nothing. :frowning: Last hope for us is privet servers with active admin.

this have 2k views more then Conan players in PVP official Posted since Oct 2018 still active in game today

and for instance, did you already send this information to Exploit Hunters? since you’re telling us that you know how to reproduce these, and by that I imagine you like the game and want it to thrive as most of us all.

They know :slight_smile: Do not be naive, they know about all of this before we know :)) there is nothing they ca do about it.
RPG open worlds game are very hard to make AAA spend 5 to 7 years with 3x times more core developers then funcom and they still fail. This project is and it will be bug for years.

I know all of that and more, have known many since May and before, and have posted to Exploit Hunters everything novel I can find. Before I switched to TestLive in November, during my Official Server playtime I have been able to isolate and determine glitches and exploits used against me and my teammates.

Let me frame this in a video game way: I play a game about global infection, Plague Inc. Evolved. If you plug in certain variables and action elements, you can easily see how difficult it is to spread an infection and make it viable. It is this viability, however, that incites action in the game, as countries of the world mount defenses against a disease as it becomes identified.

This is what is called the angle of incidence. In a very popular game, the frequency of attacks (glitch/exploit) is quite high as is the sharing of that information. As details of how to perform the exploit spread, more becomes known about the hardware, software and network environments that have made this a fertile home.

It’s not that gamemakers can’t fix the exploits. It’s that they often have limited data from which to work in order to fix the problem. That’s the crux, and why you should find and report exploits carefully and in as scientific a process possible.

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As stated above, in order to properly report an exploit please contact any of our staff privately or use our tool Exploit Hunters.
We’re going to proceed to close this thread. Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: