Deadly "Pit of YOG"

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [EU]
Testlive [Version 100728/18311]

[Free text]
The specter of Pit of Yog sliding in front of the character kills everything he touches, NPCs, slaves, animals and even the hero himself.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.create a Pit of Yog on the quick access bar not build, just hold in your hand
4.move the spectrum in front of the character

Sounds useful for PvP.

I just tested this and you can kill anything instantly. Even bosses, so yeah it can likely be used against players as well.

For maybe 2 years they will fix if the outflow of players is not made sooner due to the avalanche of other unrepaired errors :frowning:

Well thats just broken

They’ll probably fix it faster if the glitch becomes widely known and heavily exploited.

Maybe… I guess some heavily exploited glitches have been around for over a year. So who knows?

We are sorry but Funcom did not learn anything from the release and death of Age of Conan.
Patches for a leaky game like CE should be released often and of small size to keep track of errors on a regular basis.

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For fun I just ran around using this on stuff.

I killed dragons, the scorpion boss, the Warmaker, etc. Conan is actually immune to this, he just wobbles back and forth instead of dying. Everything else dies instantly, even characters important to the story, such as Razma and the remaining Triumvirate.

I wonder if it’s too late for you to get paid.

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Heh, if it worked Conan Exile, he would have the least amount of errors :slight_smile:
It probably does not work, the speed of response to the errors reported here in the case of Funcom is none :frowning:
Where is the rain, snow, why are my slaves not reacting properly? on my base, wolves and wild pigs go and slaves look into the distance and get bored. These and hundreds of other errors have been reported for months without the reaction of the creators :frowning:
Let’s do a live video, let’s talk about funny videos of players, give away 2 shirts, fans will forget about the game’s mistakes.

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Doesn’t work online though.

Ran into this bug the other day. It spawned fanart of the most dangerous warriors of the age:

(Credit to Bumblebeard)

This issue cannot be abused against other players (only works in Single Player), so is not a top priority fix. Also, thread necro.