Bug infestation report

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [USA]

Okay…I’ve given it a little over a week checking things out. Two post-release updates later and these issues persist in both single player and multiplayer. Bear in mind I’m not the only one in my PvE server seeing these things and I’m playing on a $1,600. gaming rig. In fact, everyone on the server has mid to high range gaming rigs.

  1. Areas of the map disappear or just don’t render.
  2. The game stutters for everyone in both single and multiplayer while moving around the map. Severity varies.
  3. While swimming on the surface, character poses like holding a torch, then drops to the bottom of the water like falling off a cliff.
  4. While standing in front of either stone or ironstone nodes, a lot of strokes miss and nothing is harvested. Moving around the node helps, but not much. Also, there’s a lot of missed swings in combat while standing right in front of and close to an enemy.
  5. Placed campfires vanish immediately after placement.
  6. Game crashes while simply running around the map exploring. Occasionally there’s a crash while in a storage container.
  7. Can’t get the purge to work on two separate PvE servers or on single player. Despite the settings, the meter never moves.
  8. Characters do not track well with the aiming reticle and it throws off player’s perspective.
  9. Can not delete markers from map.
  10. Shade cloths and all but one tent can not be either returned to inventory nor destroyed. If they’re supposed to do that, please change it.
  11. Building parts fail to snap in place. We leave and come back later and they snap in place…most of the time.
  12. This one really isn’t a bug, just an observation: Conan is too short. If anyone at Funcom has read a single REH book, you should realize Conan is supposed to be nearly or more than a head taller than most people.

It’s pretty self explanatory how to reproduce any of these issues we’re having.
That’s all I have for now. I haven’t been motivated to play the past couple of days due to frustration and annoyance and might wait for another update, but I’ll report on anything else we find. Forgive me, but I have to say it: In early access before the big update a couple weeks before release, the game didn’t crash nearly as much as now. After months of patience through the early access development, I’m surprised the game is this buggy and unstable having read through issues other are having as well. I must admit, I’d have been livid had I paid the release price for this game.

I’m sorry to say it but half of these issues are spawn from a slow rig/server or high ping rates. What is the spec of your server and rig?, just because you paid a lot for it doesn’t ensure you have a powerful machine mate.

  1. Slow server/rig
    2, Slow server/rig
    3, Slow server/rig
    4, I’ve had this too in the past - was a slow server
    5, Not had/seen this with fires before - might be a bug
    6, Crashes have been known, but the game is more stable than ever before IMO
    7, I think a lot of people have various issues with Purges, they are working on this issue.
    8, Could be an issue, but probably, Slow server/rig
    9, Is a known issue at times
    10, Not sure about this one
    11, Try selecting another building part and then back to the one you want, that normally solves this. Also make sure placeables and wall parts next it that position are not preventing it from being placed. Always build from the bottom up.
    12, Iv’e not read the stories, but as a side note, your character ISN’T meant to be conan?!

Greatest respect intended.

We all are mate. I think they should have delayed the release by a few months to polish it up a bit more.

As far as my rig goes: Intel i5 7600K 3.8-4.2 ghz Cpu; 16gb Corsair Vengence RAM; Asus ROG Strix GTX 1070; Asus ROG Strix z270f MB; Samsung Evo SSD. All under a year old. There’s nothing slow about my rig and I don’t have any issues with any other games or running servers on my second machine. All of these issues have been repeated on single player. These issues were also present on a friend’s server as well as a rented server. That’s a total of 3 machines running the servers all with the same issues on very fast internet connections. So I’d say that sorta eliminates the slow server theory.
#11. Been there, done that.
In regard to # 12, what I’m saying is my character IS taller than Conan. :wink:

Your rig certainly should be ok to play this game. My Mrs uses a similar spec and doesn’t have any issues.

However, all the things you’re reporting are being caused by something, your rig, your connection to the server or the server itself otherwise all of us would be suffering the same issues wouldn’t we? Other players do see similar issues at times, but not this many all at once, I’m fairly confident that they are not all game-side problems.

I don’t know what advice to give you other than gather as much info as you can. When your game crashes, be sure to send the report into Funcom using the submission box which pops up afterwards, it will help them see what happened in your game.

I have noticed a lot of people in the US complaining about the performance of the servers in your region.

I wish you good luck in resolving this mate.

I’m indeed staying on top of the pop up reports. Thanks much for your input and well wishes. Be safe.