BUG REPORT - Audio/Textures/etc

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: | Bug | Performance | Etc.
Region: [ASIA] but game is NA

  1. AUDIO DESYNC - It happened almost every time I walk/run/fight/mine/harvest/etc. When fighting, sounds disappeared and it (sounds made when attacking, dodging, death wail of a creature, etc.) can only be heard a few seconds after said motion was made.

  2. TEXTURES NOT LOADING PROPERLY - After playing for a long time, I started seeing red/green lines underneath the Furnace and Rocks and after that, the textures loads slowly. I saw a cliff in its purest form; a brown mesh.

  3. Moonlight shining from down under. Quite literally. I was wondering where the blue-ish light was coming from and realized that the light corresponds to where the moon was at that point of time.

  4. WEIRD CONTROLS - Did you know that if you have the Highlight Box Thing at the Crafting Section of the Inventory, you cant press X to close the menu? Its because X is also for Craft.

I shall end this with something positive. I love the game and has been playing it ever since Ive got it. Not gonna lie, the only game store we have in my country refused to bring Conan Exiles due to its “Negative Reviews” but I bought it anyway. Its a very fun game and I am looking forward to Funcom doing their best and achieve what they are planing for Conan Exiles. Godspeed, people. Godspeed.

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i totally agree with “TheFat0ne” …I play Conan Offline and have the same problems with the audio. Cant run/Fight or whatever, without an enoying sounddelay. Hope you will fix this soon funcom. Conan is an awesome Game…and its just a pitty that conan is buggy as hell

Same problems, textures load realy slow everywhere and at certain places I see the blue and green lining on the ground. Quite immersion breaking.