Couldn't find heading to say thankyou to funcom for fixing sound lag bug. Greatly appreciate it!

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Just confirming this is sarcasm? Cause that’s my 2Nd peeve 1St being walk walk jerk walk walk jerk.

Sound’s still delayed here, single player, offline.

No, I wasn’t being sarcastic! It is working correctly on my PS4 game…but I now have a new problem. I’ve just reached level 44 on my new game, (the old one being scrapped after base & contents vanished into thin air!) & apart from the initial problem of my furniture disappearing on this new game it seemed to run smoothly. Alas now I have a frame freeze problem especially fighting skeletons in & around the arena. If my health drops by a third it freezes & after a pause I die & am offered bed/bedroll. Also the dreaded blue error CE-34878-O.


It’s better on mine for sure with harvesting. I was not paying close attention to human death sounds because of thrall bugginess with the ground on knockdown. Been distracting me. Plus increased moments of invulnerability for some npcs during a fight and standing in the open. SP offline play as well.

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Do you know, the greatest problem that I find with this game is that I enjoy playing it! Every time I say enough is enough & have a go at playing something else, I get bored very quickly & go back onto Conan, bugs 'n all! Sad eh?

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Since the last patch I’ve had no bluescrren crashes. Nothing disappear yet. And way less laginess of sound and bodies falling on death. But I havnt had much time to play either. The only problem I’ve had is fish traps deciding whether or not they want to work. Sometimes it’s good other times nothing. Replacing the traps doesn’t always make them work

No joy with this patch. Same lag.

It appears purge kicked in. While I was offline the 4th scorpions destroyed a big section of my t4 base walls. How do o scorpions even damage t4?

I’ve put CE on hold. No point in investing any more time in this game, clearly funcom isn’t either.

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Well, I finally packed it in last night. Every time I was fighting something, yes even those pesky little turtle things, the game would freeze & I would die then be sent back to bed/bedroll. Refuse to waste any more of my time until the game’s been sorted out. Please inform us all when a significant update has been done, at present it really is unplayable. We eagerly await!


Ok, longer session today and some sound lag while harvesting but not nearly as much. Worked fine most of the time. But more npc death sound lag, but also not as bad, just not as good as harvesting.

NPC body lag after death was basically gone. But knockdown drops them under the ground about 0.5 - 1 tile worth of distance. Some slide along like lead to a magnet as they start a combat move, saving the move really starting until the reach you. Worst is 1h sword users. Will slide a good distance then pop to ground level and complete swing when they reach you.

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Sound lag bug is still in full effect for me with both combat and harvesting.


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Sound lag is still present in offline mode, maybe not as obnoxious as before, but definitely still there.

Actually seems worse on my game at the moment, Killed a thrall and then 5 mins later the sound came through made me jump as my house was dead quiet and i was back at my base sorting stuff lol.

As my game progresses, I’m noticing it get worse as well. Was very good on new game but last session harvesting and combat had a lot of sound lag again.


It really seems like a memory leak (I am not a coder though), because I can play the game almost fine when I start it, and this goes on for about 30 minutes or so, then the game degrades more and more; lag, combat lag, delayed sounds, takes 10 seconds to open inventory and so on.