Ps4 Working Again Since last patch......for now

Game mode: [offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Canada]

So since the last patch, even though none of the problems with loss of progress and structures was addressed, my game seems to be working again (for now) I have yet to lose progress in any way and my game has not crashed since the update. It has been running much smoother as well, though bugs are still abound, but I dare say, it is better than when I first purchased it.

It is awesome for me, though I play in constant fear of all this being for not, and it will all disappear every time I log in or die. Seriously Funcom, this is a great game even with bugs…when it works!

All that being said, I really hope Funcom get a handle on this game, particularly on Ps4. It is so inconsistent across the board, I will be amazed if they ever fix it, for they will likely fix it for one group of people and wreck it for another. Hell, they fixed my game by accident without even trying, lol.

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Same experience here. So far lol.

Aside from fish traps that is. Fish is decaying faster than it catches fish. That’s the only new problem I’ve found so far. Sound lag still occasionally and under tent supermen still exist but those aren’t new. But fish traps are annoying to say the least


Yeah, the apiaries have the same problem, super annoying indeed, along with quick loot working only on occassion.

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Yep forgot about the wonky quick loot. Guess I’ve already gotten used to slow looting

No hard locks but one crash to blue screen for me. Only a few seconds lost, so still around saves, but after the save finishes again instead of save process breaking completely at some unknown point.

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Same here, everything in working order. Well I mean, no crashes or missing items. Just things like my named thrall dropping dead in front of me for no reason while I was idle (no enemy, bleed or poison was involved and event log says ‘‘died to [blank]’’). Also that fish issue. It’s kind of comical really

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