PS4 update is a total glitch

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The latest update has caused lags, freezes, loss of items and loss of my godsbedamned corpse from a freeze along with all the hardened metal equipment that I was carrying upon my “death” during yet another freeze. I don’t know what you did but you didn’t do it well. I’m not buying the expansion pack or playing again until I see an update file and I see it works properly.

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These latest updates just put the dlc in game along with a few minor hotfixes. But the already poor performance on ps4 got even worse, I’ve also noticed it takes even longer for graphics to render in than it used too. Have you noticed even the intro video stutters now? But losing my stuff from dying due too lag, i’m just used to that happing now. Same goes for logging in after an update to find out what’s disappeared from my base. I just think of it as a $hitty easter egg hunt. Thanks For all the Fun Funcom


I found that since the last patch, most of my stuttering and framerate drops are gone. it’s not completely gone but it’s like 80% better and it was getting to the point where I was considering stopping playing, so for me at least the patch was very good.

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This game is basically unplayable after the dlc and recent update. Game keeps crashing at the loading screen. This is garbage. fix your game funcom.

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What the holy f balls is going on with this game? I’ve finally figured out why it keeps crashing, the purges are locking the game up. Which means that I lose everything that I’ve worked hours for every day but I’ve lost every settlement that I’ve built because I can’t defend them since the game freezes before every purge. EVERY PURGE! And seeing as how I’m maxed out level wise, I get a full purge meter about every hour or so. Get this excrement running correctly or start offering a reason for us to keep wasting time and money on it.

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Its not just purges. I have them turned off in my game settings and I still lose everything. I haven’t had purges turned on ever, come to think of it.

I have never reached high enough level to get even half of the purge meter filled, and I still lose everything. It’s usually when playing for more than 1 hour, and I don’t know if it might be related but I always leave all my crafting stations busy.

I’m going to do more tests later but I’m think for SP it’s related to the AFK changes the made for online. First session of a restart with minimal building but a lengthy phone call left me reset back to what looked like the last autoclave before my call. This is outside of crash issues of course, or hard locks, or crashes that corrupt the save file. Only for progress loss where the game just stops saving during session.

Best guess, since on exit you still get the disco from server message, is that the AFK kicker is breaking save functionality even though you don’t disconnect from the “server”. Probably some mimic process in SP to limit changes between modes and unintended or overlooked interactions between the online change and it’s knock on SP impact.

Ah that is a possibility but my problem is this. Since I got the game. I would occassionally blue screen or freeze up to the point I would have to restart the app. Now when this happened. I would be in my base. Going about as usual. Never AFK. But later it got worse. Like to the point where it might happen 10 times an hour. Problem is I am never AFK. Now what I did notice. Was that when I got around the carpenter tables or the blacksmiths it would happen more. So I thought memory. Took the thralls off both carpenters benches. Game didn’t mess up. Like for a long time. A whole day. I even left the game on and fell asleep while I crafted over 100 foundations in my inventory. When I woke up an hour or so later it was fine. Played all good. The next day it started again, while carpenters thralls were still off. So I decided to take the blacksmiths off. I dont know what I did but it was like I unleashed hell. Froze or blue screened 30 plus times in the next 2 hours. Sometimes I wouldn’t be in the game 2 minutes and it happened. Then the last time. It crashed. I tried to get back on and it could not find my save even though it was showing I had one. Stayed like this a whole day. Then I deleted the files and said what the hell start over. Now everytime it crashes or I die or I log off. It puts me back at the very beginning and only a few items remain in my inventory.
All journey steps have restarted. I am still the same level but feats have to be redone. I have put down numerous beds or bedrolls. Still go back to the shattered highway. Never fails.

I hear ya. My main problem until the DLC patch was also crashes and hard locks. Restart only lose 1-3 actions. Also figured memory issues. After DLC even had disconnect failures to get to main menu leading to save corruption.

Was doing testing around it which lead to the AFK thing for progress loss. Before I got to that, I could seeing even just dropping one furnace lead to performance hits. Hitches on inventory access or closure even without Thralls. Already knew before I started controlled testing that Thralls added to instability, but wasn’t sure if it was more them, large building or item stockpiling and excessive inventory swapping. Though not sure where to draw a line at excessive in this game considering most of the game is moving items between inventory screens.

After I lock down my opinion on AFK state loss, I’m going to go back to see the hits on each of the other aspects of solo play. Unless I chalk it up as a failed game and move on instead.

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Graphics render takes longer, lag is crazy, music not in sync, when i am gathering wood or stone the sound of my pickaxe comes after the stones break, same with attacking a npc, the dead sound or even the swinging of the weapon comes after. Terrible.

They really need to address that as well.

Yeah the sound thing has always been horrible. Another is when you kill someone in a melee focused game you have to walk away from that spot to see the death animation and then hear the sound. Pretty sucky


I was playing late last night, I had headphones on so I wouldn’t wake anyone up, and I kept looking around behind me because it sounded like I was being followed, But it was just the sound of my own characters movement. The sound is so out of sync it’s a terrible experience with headphones. At this point I’m tempted to turn the sound off completely and just listen to music while I play. I’ve done that before in plenty of games, I’ve just never “had” to do that. :unamused:


The cure is worse than the evil, and I have to start all over again while I was level 50 … :sob:

The admin console is your friend because grinding everything back again is just too much work. :sob:
This go around I am keeping it medium and not going big.

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Exactly this. The sound of your own footsteps sounds so out of sync that it seems someone else is following. So many times I looked around, thought somebody else might follow me. And because the audio is so desync’ed you will not hear someone yelling when attacking you until AFTER they hit you a couple of times, so this looking around me is a second nature now.

And actually the footsteps sound doesn’t even come from the direction of your character’s legs, it’s always to some different direction, mostly back and left to my character.