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crazy amount of crashes on my old (now cleaned / now fanned) ps4. when i get back parts are double spawned and i cant place next to or on them sometimes…sucks cause all the online servers i play on disappeared recently so i was like “fine ima play by myself” all last week my dumbass worked on a castle ( not too epic btw and NO lights) the crash frequency was way higher than it was in the past. also some of those crashes were list forever loading screens, so thats new for me. 8/ jist lettiin ya know 8]

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Hi @jistsomeguy
Same on my side for months now (fat PS4, SP, Offline).
Thanks for the “NO lights” precision. I was ready to get rid of them as I can now reach a freeze every 5 minutes, spending more time to send PS4 cash reports than feeding my (numerous) pets and slaves.
The following report collects performances issues and also covers our subject. Your “No Lights” precision might be an added value to it among #460 posts … since December.
Our old fat PS4 are challenged by this nice game. I can’t wait from Funcom to provide some performances enhancements (big challenge too :wink: ) in order to make sure that I will be able to use all the dlc I would love to buy.

Hello @jistsomeguy, thank you for reaching out!

We apologize for the inconvenience, we’re aware and actively looking into all reports of performance issues on consoles. Should you be able to share further details, such as PS4 model and whether you’re using SSD or HDD, as well as a screenshot of the problematic area or an estimated amount of npcs and building pieces, it will be extremely helpful for us.

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i bought it from walmart like 5 minutes before ps gave it away, i also bought pictish and yamatai 5 mins before the bundle deal lol.

my worst sp offenders were epic, giant and framing some nature animation, like the waterfall near priestkings retreat or the lavafalls at volcano. (repeated online w no prob tho)

my last castle is a 10x15 square 5 high w animal pen, connected to a rounded tower w bastions and jettys the same width but about 20 tall. i didnt go crazy w the workstations or tables, this time only 1 of everything, buuuuut…i did admin a buncha thralls for them and stored em in those stations. thats when it went fubar and froze and forgot half of the building/thralls and double spawned all the parts. it seems the inventory quickview displayed as ya walk by is where my ps gets confused.

something that did help was to periodically “save” by exiting to main menu, but thats also when itd gimmie the forever load freeze.

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