Single player PS4

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Norway]

So were do I start?
We I starte the game a while ago, and the first thing I noticed was the LAG. I could live with that and learned to overcome it, but it was and still is f*cking annoying.

Played a bit (almost the whole weekend the first week) and got to lvl 20-something, and then things started to get really fcked. After a death I zapped to a completely other place then my “bed” og “bedroll” (were the elephants live). Had a hard time getting back to “my house”, and died a lot, but the strange thing I never lost my gear. Got back “home” and tried to make some new sht, like stuff to make potions I think, but nooooooo waaaaaay cause I suddenly was lvl 0. (Did I mention the lag…makes you die alot btw). So never give up and keep up gaming. What to do? Well I zapped the game and downed it again. Reinstall and hope for the best, but how long was Adam in Paradise? One fcking week!
So rock´n roll I started everything all over again with single player cause I’m an introvert f
cker who don’t like other gamers.
Started to lvl again and building a really beautiful house (no thats a lie, its was ugly as sht but did the job. Got to lvl 27 this time when things started to fck up again. Played this morning for a while (lagging as hell but still had fun), and around 12:00 hours I logged out and took my wife for a walk (she has to aired frequently or she gets really grumpy and hard to live with). Came back and started the game again. Still lagging, but as I mentioned I can live with that even if its fcking annoying. When the game was “up and running” I was back to that fcking elephant kingdom again, and some bloody tiger tried to eat me. Killed the tiger and started the long walk home. Came to my lovely (ugly) house, or the place were it was suppose to be but it was all gone. Or not all, only the house and everything inside. Had my thrall guards on the outside, and all the other sh*t I left outside at the place were I left it, but the house and everything inside was gone. I had placed one thrall on a balcony of the house and now he was standing in the air. Checked my stats and strength, agility and grit was zapped back to zero.

So now I have deleted everything again and starting on scratch, but as it looks nothing will get better. I have never experienced a buggy game like this (did I mention the lagging?), and I have been gaming since beginning of the 90. I’m an old fart at 52, but still love gaming (alone) when I can, but Conan exiles is slowly killing my love for gaming. Problem is that I don’t know how to get my money back for this sh*tty game, it costed me close to 500 nok (thats oil money for those of you who don’t know what “nok” is).

Looking forward to “Red Dead Redemption 2” and hope that it will give me back the love for gaming again.

I´m not going to spellcheck what I have written, takes to long, and I don’t care :slight_smile:

Oh by the way…my wife has learned a few new Norwegian words listening to me shouting at the tv/game :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to mention it…I was a betatester on funcom first Conan for pc…good story but also sh*tty and full of bugs…never bought it.

And swearing is allowed in Norwegian media, even on tv

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I’m a lone gamer too (44 here) and love the game, but it 's really becoming frustrating playing it with so many bugs (mostly of 'em I can live that too, even if they SHOULD NOT be existing on a full priced game), wondering honestly what will be of this franchise, there are a plenty of good ideas in it, but also too many technical flaws that make the game experience horrific.
(yes, you mentioned the lag!)
Cheers and hugs from Italy

Bump from another old fart with very similar problems in Conan. The lag and things disappearing on me is killing my incentive to play the game. Let’s pray for a God patch that fixes it all

Cheers from your neighbour in Sweden