Bugs on exiles conan ps4


hello, worries level conan exiles ps4.

  • that lags
  • noise and its offbeat
  • when there is a storm the picture is not top
    This is the object we are taking at NPC, but the walls of time are displayed.
    Rock objects set object decorative mountain textures but a time to well displayed.
  • the sound is offbeat
  • engram which is not displayed well, like emote etc …

that’s it for the moment.


Has anyone had an issue with crafting iron? Put in ironstone and wood and nothing. Put 3 ironstone in crafted one bar then made one stone disappeared and then nothing. Just burns wood


What’s odd to me is whenever trying to find server
…it’s like it overloads says I can’t connect to PlayStation Network…but if I join my friend in session it lets me.


there is a lot of personal worries about ps4, it will have improved. is corrected all the bugs that one signal.


I hope it will make it more beautiful, more fluid on ps4 pro is set all the problem indicated