Conan exiles broken on ps4

Ok let me start off by saying I love this game its unique and has so much content to enjoy but sheeeeehhhhshhhh the bugs I got back on this game after like 2months of break and I come back to invisible thralls and npcs loading issues freezing and the sound is messed up asf when I’m fighting a fighter that I cant see I hear rocknose noises and more pls funcom fix

I usually play on Xbox one x. After the updates. I noticed a slight lag. Way worse now with the latest update.
Today after a long time I logged into my Ps4 to play (so long my Thralls decayed)…when I started playing on official last year it was nice and smooth. Everything loaded.
Today I’m fighting invisible enemy’s. The back ground is all white. Running into invisble camps without even knowing. Poof dead. It’s just as bad as playing it on my original Xbox one.

I feel they keep stepping back.
Then there are all the other issues.
Archers not staying in place.
Npcs always falling off cliffs.
I could go on. But we all know

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