PS4 Conan exiles major issues unplayable

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So just bought conan exiles on ps4 and as it is its unplayable. 90% of the time even though I have a bed it spawns me in the desert when I die. It’s annoying but I can live with that I guess. But 60% of the time when I go where it says my body is it’s no where to be found so I lose everything on my body. Which is a lot considering you need a separate tool for each thing you do. Then the icing I the cake is me and my friend play daily for hours putting up with lag death and all the stuff I mentioned and more I have not. We build a base we are there everyday like I said log off for and hour and the base is half gone boxes full of stuff gone thralls on work stations gone. Thrall wheel with named thrawls inside gone. At this point what is the point of playing the game. The server is an official server. This is a progression game the whole point is to build and save stuff but you can’t because you lose your dead body or you loose your half your base and goods after you log off for 3 hours?

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  1. Just play the game this has happened a few times
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Two patches coming late this month early February gonna fix a lot with the second patch a lil with the first but the res pawning problem after u die is something that’s being fixed in it

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