So....... Is Conan Exiles dead now on PS4?

Had the game for about a month, 2 friends bought it at the same time, thought it looked like it could be fun. Started solo offline to get a feel for it, 3 days later logged in and half my base vanished, unbound structures, armour taken off my character, 3 chests vanished, thalls gone or just not doing anything. So i restarted, same thing happened again, my friends had similar problems and have walked away from this game now. Combat system is sketchy at best, and game laggy and glitchy. I am trying to find a reason to give this another try but loss of progression is massively gamebreaking imo, not really tried online yet as i don’t want to sink yet more time into a game that deletes my base and equipment. So is this game done for?

Check eventlogs, sounds like you died, perhaps decayed as well. use a repair hammer to check decay timer.

Also avoid placing stuff on wedge tiles.

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I’ve been playing online since launch and had only minor problems with vanishing stuff, I know others have had much worse than me,

2 Wheels of pain, 1 was lesser wheel
1 chest with backup gear
2 beehives
1 well
Some stairs and platforms under elevators
and many fish traps until I figured out how to keep them
and some miscellaneous placeables

It might seem like a long list but that’s over 2 months of playing, and it’s all pretty easy to replace. It appears that right now Singleplayer is much less stable than online.

So in response to the question is Conan Exiles dead now on PS4? No, not yet. But they need to address some gamebreaking bugs to singleplayer ASAP

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