[PS4] I give up on Conan Exiles

I was having fun on my server like so many other players and, ONCE AGAIN, the game resolved to “freeze” (with or without the infamous code error CE 34878-0) when I was just running on top of a mountain. I had to close the game and restart it. When I returned, I was already in the desert… because I died. Another stupid and unfair death. I tried to rescue my body by going north again and when I got close to where the “accident” occurred, I saw the “place of my death” walking the map up to 100 meters ahead. No, you did not read it wrong. I descended the mountain - this time carefully - and scoured the area. Then I went to the “official place of my death” on the map and also searched for all places. Nothing found. My inventory contained the product of several hours of hard work… including thralls 4 and complete armor sets and weapons for them. And that was not the first time I went through this problem. My long trip was a disaster because of this problem and I wasted my time and patience in a useless way. I had a level 60 character with three promising bases and I’m giving up on continuing to play Conan. Frustration and irritation overcame the fun i was having.

I must say that I already posted about this problem in the category of Support for some time (including I died yesterday for the same problem, but I managed to rescue my body), but the problem persists. A package with “new skins” for various items is being released, but the game still contains problems. I tried to be persevering to my limit, but after today I tired of waiting for changes and improvements. I’m tired of having to adapt to the problems that the game brings and be patient. I was being participatory in the forum and following up on some subjects that interest me (or worry), but this is a recent past now. I even tried to give my opinion and suggestions to improve the game because I wanted to contribute to its success. And I was certainly one of the most active players on my own server.

A game that was officially released should not be going through half the problems I have observed with myself and the forum; in my case, it was not a question of knowing “if” would occur, but rather “when.” And in front of the picture I see, I wonder how much more productive and interesting it would be for everyone - Funcom and the players - to get the game marketed without so much trouble. It seems that players who bought the game were forced to participate in a “test phase” that has no date to finish… and they must wait “patiently” for the game to remain unfinished (in some ways) to get the necessary update.

I think the game is good and has potential, but as I said in one of the first posts I posted on the forum, I worry about the time (or appropriate deadline) to fix various problems in the game. I deleted my character (and it was sad to get rid of it after hours and hours), deleted the game from my ps4 and now I will have more time to meet other games. I wish the players and Funcom good luck. It was fun while it lasted.


Press square til you get your body. Works 100%
And always lay a bedroll

There is a real simple solution to your problem. Join a server where the settings let you keep your items when you die.

Honestly, I can not tell if some answers are sarcastic or serious. For the sake of your intelligence, I will consider that you are joking, Orthodoxa.

First of all, this advice does not help anyone and only suggests that the player must (try) to adapt to the problems that the game itself offers. Problems that, in theory, should not occur daily in any game without compromising its reputation and credibility, incidentally. I have no problem with the fact that I die and “lose” my items with my corpse SINCE it happens in a fair and reasonable way… and of course, the game gives me the chance to rescue it (without “disappearing” with me or “cheat” with my location on the map). I ask for nothing more than what the game proposes.

Unfortunately, most of the times I died the game froze in “delicate” situations and I rebooted the server in the desert after my death. Keeping items after death does not exempt Funcom from its responsibility to offer IN MIND a stable gaming experience and, in addition, makes the game less realistic in my opinion.

If this “solution” were even acceptable, I believe that Funcum Support would have far fewer problems: transferring responsibility for a constant problem to the player would be the perfect solution… and the most hilarious thing would be to meet other players who consider this reasonable.


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