Listen, as much as I want to come on here, bash you guys (Funcom), and utterly decimate your souls with what i REALLY think of you guys for the endless issues over the years, i wont. Instead, im just going to list the issues ive been having with your game since the Age of war Ch4, and this last patch (02.03)… in hopes that you actually act quickly and fix the issues as many of us still rent and pay for servers to run your game.

Also, with whats happening, im not sure you’re building confidence in players to how Dune will work. So please, fix these issues.

  1. Stuck in floors when logging on.
    Just as it says, everyone is logging on and are trapped in their foundations of where they logged off. That, or if they’ve logged off on ceiling tiles, theyll log back on still stuck in floor foundations of their bases.

  2. inventory movement
    Who decided to change things that were not broken? Using right stick to switch between personal inventory and chest/bench inventory??? Split menu??? Loot all button??? Why even bother changing that? It’s completely screwed up and cumbersome now. I suggest reverting back to those original settings.

  3. Glitching through walls
    Apparently you’ve now made it really easy to glitch through people’s walls by simply running into them.

  4. Toggle sprint broken
    Youve seen endless posts about this so i wont go into great detail about it, but yeah, thats broken. At the moment there is no way to toggle. Only way to Sprint is to HOLD run, which is a pain in the ___.

I could keep going, but these are just the main ones. Please fix these before you lose even more players on the game. And its getting to the point i think you will lose them on more than just Conan. Youll lose them for the long haul, and youll leave a bad taste in peoples mouths whenever Funcom is mentioned as the creators of a game. Like Dune. Youre basically ensuring nobody buys that, for how youre treating Conan.



Thank you so much for your report and thorough information.

I reported this issue and we will try to investigate it as soon as possible, meanwhile, we appreciate your patience.

If any more information pops up, feel free to reach out to us :smile:


Since its release, the game has had a control system that worked well until patch 2.02, then someone came up with the idea “let’s” completely destroy the control system and really annoy the console players. That’s what funcom calls quality of life patch and gives us a big smiley at the end.
Cramp in the left thumb, that’s what I call patch quality. :smile:

Also, I’m a male now. Not ok. I put up a post, but no reply yet. I can handle the first time when my house disappeared with everything i owned in it, and now all my knowledge is gone, again and i cannot get sorcery to appear in the menu to build the bench, but i draw the line at my gender, some things are sacred.

Ah man…

For anyone interested, there is a work-around for the sprint problem, however its still bugged as hell. But this at least makes it so you can run without having to hold the button down:

Unbind all keys from all “sprint” movement tabs.

Go to “sprint” and set it to your “walk forward” button.

You wont be able to walk/jog at a normal pace without running/draining stam, but at least you wont need to hold the sprint button down. Its the best temp-fix we have found on my testing server.

Also, if youre an admin and wondering if this bug effects your fly speed… it does.

Hope that helps some people even a little. Def not a fix but its at least a “get by” for now.

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