Conan...what did you do with my body

Game mode: [Online | official PvE 3728]
Problem: Bug | Performance
Region: NA (Canada)

Good day Funcom, ladies and gentlemen !!! :grinning::heart::grinning::heart::grinning::heart:

First of all, I’m not making this post because, I lost some gear and I want it back. I know Funcom policy and my main goal here is to help fix that bug, so player and mostly new player won’t go thru this.

It’s been happening since I’ve started playing, the game froze, then you get a blue screen, exit the game and load back, 99% of the time it’s fine. Except when you walking in direction of the green wall, because you keep walking even if your not on and you die or same thing and load back surrounded by wolf and they insta kill you.

Still It’s not a problem, you gear up to go get your stuff back or you just pick up your stuff.

But recently it’s the second time in 2week, that the game froze and when I get back, I’m dead, last time no grave nothing, reloaded my game a couple time (sometime fix the issue) and still nothing. Today same thing happened in my base and when I load the game(after blue screen)no tombstone, reload again tombstone was there but it’s in my foundation. Here some pictures

This is at the bottom of my base

Same floor I die on or the game froze

This is on floor above where I die

Like said I not here to ask for my stuff, I got plenty and worst case scenario, Lite bit of farming and lot’s more fun playing the game. But I put myself in new player, player that don’t have alot of time to play. Losing an entire inventory can devastating for some and those player might quit.

Much love Funcom and of course to this wonderful community, keep it up, stay safe in these covid treacherous time. Like always KeepOnGaming :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

Steps on how to reproduce issue: the game froze and blue screen
3.reload, no tombstone
4.realize that everything gone

For those who did…

Thank you for reading all the way to the end :heartbeat:


I play to the same server with @Lordgangsta29 . @Hugo , sorry for the bothering , but I ve posted in the past a problem that happens only on this server . Every time I log in my character has falling damage . Every time before I log out I totally empty the inventory of my character . Still one time I ve lost so much hp , that the body of my character was covered with blood . Again I experience this situation only on this server and I do not play only on this one . It doesn’t happen every time but most of the times . It is a US server , I am from Greece and lord from Kanada . @Zeb I believe you are from US , did you ever experienced something like that when you log in ?


I do get often the falling animation when I log in,but I do not seem to lose damage. For the second problem you mentioned @stelagel I know alot of people mentioned losing inventory when logging off, for my part I haven’t or not notice that. I always log off in base with everything and like I said, never log in naked with nothing except when my game crash like I said in my post


It happens only to our server and it is strange. So we are 3 different players from 3 different nationalities having the same issues. Thank you for replying my Queen :wink:. Lord, we don’t always have the same fall damage, maybe that is the reason you are dead when you log in. The reason i empty my inventory is the floating ceilings, since i started to act this way, i experience this bug very rear. Now one last question to @Zeb, do you experience this situation since i arrived to the server, or you had it before me? Please answer honestly, i will take no offense here, i know that we share the same respect here. We need to gather all the clues and possible problems for Hugo.

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Because thats not a bug, when you die while being offline… If you log off, you can lose shelter and then die of hunger, thirst or temperature effects… The event log even tells you, why you died.

Maybe you can even get killed from orbs from NPCs.
You always log off naked or with spare temperature gear.

I still dont get it, why people are not learning from this problem? I lost my gear 1 time and since then I never log off with gear.
Even BEFORE I knew of this behavior. It was just logical thinking and not repeating the same thing twice and hoping for a different outcome…

I also have this strange falling/flying animation on login. At EUROPE official PvE server. Reconnect gets rid of this issue.

And I only have ~1 freeze/crash in a month and nothing bad happened there (ever).


And I thought it was the arena foundations making me swimming thru the air. Thanks for the tip

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