Why? I honestly am asking, all the bugs we reported was not fixed before going live? Why?

I am really not trying to be a A hole here but I would like to understand the reason behind this move Funcom people.

Players are getting stuck in the passage, bodies of npcs disappear. And I am sure allot of the bugs we reported as testers are also still there and now its on live??? And now the negativity starts going on reddit etc.

So why did we playtest if the stuff we reported quite early on is still exactly the same as it was when the Sunken City was released on testlive?

Thanks everyone for all the replies, I must admit I might have seemed more harsh than I actually was. But all the replies and events that transpired, I think I get it now :rofl:
So good luck Funcom, I will continue testing as much as I can whenever testlive gets more added. Hoping the time frames and deadlines of the future are a bit more forgiving for all the hardworking people at Funcom! :smiling_imp::metal:


I am only guessing, but I believe Funcom released as part of the anniversary. They wanted to surprise us and boy are we surprised.

It might be that some of their fixes didn’t respond as well as they thought they should.
I cannot play well without my Solo/Co-op admin panel to balance the game for solo-play. Guess I’ll be waiting for a bug fix.


I agree with your theory. And I also suspect the Xbox and PS4 certification or whatever you call it would have taken longer. But is it really worth the negativity they are getting from the community? I don’t know?

I am disappointed to be quite honest.

Agreed, bad PR…
As for PC, wish you could select to download it or not on Steam, as it is… you can’t.
Its pushed anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:
(I get multiplayer, but it should be a choice none-the-less, understanding no multi-player unless you update.)

Broken admin panel/system settings is a definite no go… (It just was fixed, the nudity bug, and now its gone wonkers in other areas) :stuck_out_tongue:

Better to hold off, than have a free-weekend where people will have issues that were already known about and could have been dealt with for a smoother game play - and better than to break what we finally had fixed. Anyway…


They probably were forced to release the update with the anniversary as a deadline. They might’ve had fixes in development, but couldn’t add it to the update because it might cause more damage without testing. So many game devs end up releasing broken updates because they make impossible deadlines, considering they also had a press release for this update and promise for a DLC, which is supposed to be out this week, they had no choice.


Yes, this makes sense to me after learning about the promises and the anniversary event and such. I just honestly hope that they do have some sort of hotfix that will get implemented today or tomorrow basically asap.

My main concern is just that I don’t want these bugs to make a significant negative impactI that is with all the new players that will check out CE on the free weekend.

Lets hope for the best!


Sure, it’s still frustrating when you see bugs that was reported several times slip over in the live build, i agree.
This was also my first feeling when i saw most of these badies, especially the climb bug very harsh and bad for players losging theyr stuff.
Like you, i saw also the numerous reactions on reddit and else.

But how @Shadoza said well, i think they wanted this special update for the anniversary, what i can understand to.
It was a choice, and let’s be honest, it’s a great patch.
But still… :wink:


I am really curious - are you still going to buy that hat DLC FUNCOM released like an hour ago ? :thinking:

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I am a massive Conan movie fan to my wife’s utter dread :smiling_imp:
And I will definitely keep on supporting them for as long as they keep me interested, which seems like its going to be for quite a while still.

I was just a bit disappointed in the decision to roll out the new content with these bugs, and even more so after learning about the free weekend. But my concern only comes from a massive love for this game and me wanting it to succeed and impress everyone that tries and hopefully buys it.
I am just concerned about the bugs having a more severe negative impact on all the new exiles.

But yes yes yes YEEEEAAASSSS! I have been hoping and requesting more Conan the Barbarian content since I started playing this game! I cant wait to get home, watch the stream and build a Conan Mead Hall of the Hero!!!:rofl::beers::joy:


The decision to release too early probably was just a business decision that came from management, quite simular to the initial release last year. The decision is understandable, from a certain point of view. They wanted to have a big PR event which resulted in gaming sites and magazines re-reviewing the game and the previously unexpected DLC. Some if not most of the forum members first learned about this DLC thanks to @Croms_Faithful.

The update also most likely had management’s intended effect, in that new players most of whom won’t experience the bugs immediately, of generating additional sales thanks to the discounts and free weekend. Furthermore, management expected the risk of leaving bugs in the program acceptable because the new players may remain a low level for a few days, at most a week or two at the most, giving time for the programmers to get a fix out.

In hindsight the update didn’t go over well with existing players. The decision to release early was undoubtedly out of the programmer’s hands. If they had any say, the update would’ve stayed in Testlive for at least another week or two.

In addition, while various forum members often complain about fixing bugs before releasing new material, they need to understand Funcom has expenses beyond just payroll. They have operating expenses such as rent, license agreements, legal fees, possibly utilities, etc.


We mostly like do our testings here around. :wink:
And we love Conan, the harsh world, and all coming with it, but yes, but we don’t still agree with each and all.
And see a bug making it over to the live build can be a bit disapointing.

For my part a bug will never stop me to love and ever test this great game.


Sure, you’re right, and i think most of us know this.
Also it was the first birthday, and this patch was done to celebrate this moment.
Let’s be honest, it’s a great pack, and also a great dlc. I took a look at it this evening, at was pleased with what i crafted and discovered.

Still, we may sometimes submit some critic, and vent out some disapointment, that’s also just normal, and a human feeling. :smile:

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Count me in! Absolutely love this game! And now we have CONAN STATUES and stuff!!! Whooo Hoooo!!!

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Yes, new dlc is awesome, and i have currently statues all around my base.
Need to manage all my dlc stuff i put out just to look at now. :+1:

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