Why are you doing this to us Funcom?

We all give you 8.3 Million Dollars in 2018. Why are you doing this to us ? Why you offer bug fix and why do you take your time when your game is not playable any more at a global stage.

We deserve and demand a explication

I’m sorry you feel that we’re not patching as quick as you wish. However, taking time and not rushing patches is very important. Have you seen or played on our TestLive servers or read the patch notes? It’s a pretty big patch! We think it’s super important that it all works properly before pushing it live.

Since we put this build on TestLive, the devs have been hard at work fixing any bugs or making further changes to the list on TestLive. Please also note that the devs were celebrating the winter holiday and spending some time with their family at the end of December. They are all back and I promise you have been focusing on work. Bug fixing can unfortunately be a complicated process! Knowing what causes the bug, figuring out a fix, testing that the fix doesn’t break something else, and so on. There’s a lot that goes on with it. :slight_smile:
Once we have an update on a new upcoming patch for Live or TestLive, we’ll let you all know.

I think you miss understand me. I do not want, i do not wish to test your game. (pay me and i will) I pay you to play not to test.

feel that we’re not patching as quick as you wish
It is not my wish is commonsense December 22 bug the game, next fatal bug was the fix in January 14

pleas stop sending players to test your game this is not our job, our job is to relax and enjoy.

TestLive is completely optional; you don’t need to play on it. However, it’s a good way for players to see and test if the changes we’re bringing to live or things players want or like. This gives us really valuable feedback.
If you don’t wish to tell us any feedback for these changes, you don’t have to.
But this is part of the bug fixing.

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I understand
If you think this the correct way to respect your players then so be it. You shod understand that we cannot play the game after we spend 1k hours. At the end Funcom name is on the line.

Have a nice day and i hope you will respect your customers more cause your action in the last month disrespect us all.

Take care.