Early this week patch

Our current target is early next week and we hope we have more positive news then.

Can you pleas sheer some news ? lets not wait till last minute again :slight_smile: We all aspect that it will be delay again,Pleas give us some information about Monday or Tuesday patch.

thank you

I see.
You do not have time to inform the players about the delay patch but you have time to update the test live and offer support for the upcoming patch !!
I do not know about you guys but something i wrong here. They repetitively delay this patch saying that they do there best and actually they had time they had time to build new patch for testlive server letting live server to rotten. And they say all over the forum and the Twitch “WE CARE”
Well you do a fine job to show it

I pay no attention to patch release dates and am never disappointed…


Isn’t the Testlive patch in support of mass player testing to ensure the patch has no problems when released? It seems you are getting mad at funcom for trying to release a good patch instead of another big filled one. Why?

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Hes actually not wrong…as stated in earlyer posts the patch that is delayed is currently being worked on in house and has nothing to do with the patch currently on test live.

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Agreed, funcom needs to take their time and be sure all the bugs are ironed out. We don’t want anymore big patches full of bugs.

Otherwise the same people that gripe at them for taking to long will be the first to gripe at them for introducing bugs.

They manage to created a huge chaos that non of you actually understand what is going on :slight_smile:

Well i try but all of you cannot see it. You deserve this quality

The TestLive build is a different build.
The Build for Live is done. The only thing that we are working on (and know what the problem is already) is the building issues we’ve mentioned. We do not want to get that patch out before we have those issues fixed. I know, you guys want to play and you want to see the issues you were waiting on to be fixed, fixed on the version you play. I am truly sorry about the delays as it’s never fun whatsoever to have to wait. We have always been fully aware that the most heated discussions are born out of passion and caring for something. We know, we do listen and we are working hard.

The TestLive patch is not the same build as the one for Live. Since we are delayed because of these issues with the building mechanics we wanted to get the next build ready and tested in the meantime. This means hopefully faster deployment after the delay with the current patch for Live and less waiting on your part :slight_smile:

Also, constructive discussions are always encouraged and it’s interesting to see and understand different viewpoints, as long as there are no personal attacks, insults or vitriol being thrown around.

And BTW funcom with players that accept this things you will never produce quality in this industry cause you relay on player with low or no standard. We call this manipulation, hope you sleep well at night.

No one even knows when this thing is coming out and it’s the fourth or fifth delay now that I am aware of. Besides the odd we are working on it message. Seems like there is no real news that I am aware of either …

I predict this is going to be a very telling patch whenever it does get released. I also predict the stuttering will still be present.

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No news nothing early next has past :smiley:

Hello funcom !!! Remember that part with keeping us inform ? What happen with the patch is done and you move to next one :slight_smile: you delay it so much that you forgot about it ? At list have the decency to post a announcement about it

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If there is no change what are they supposed to post…“No change”? Then people will troll that update with why is there no change. Are y’all not working on it? Why is the new patch getting updates? Why aren’t… To me no word means there is nothing to update.


Yeah it seems like trolls are going to complain no matter what. I wish they would identify these players and warn/ban them. They’re not constructive to the community and have no reason to be here. They hate the game and want to see it fail anyway.

Its literally the same half dozen people every patch cycle that have been saying the game sucks for over a year. Get rid of them.


So let me guess this straight … your asking Funcom to “identify” and ban dissenters from the game? What are you proposing they start banning IP from accessing servers ? For a product they paid for ? Because you don’t like what they have to say? …what the heck is this ATIFA Conan addition… hahahahah


O im a troll :slight_smile:

The TestLive build is a different build.
The Build for Live is done.

Have a nice day.

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Having worked at many software companies, a build being “done” does not always mean it is bug free and ready for release.

It usually means all the code has been compiled into an executable format and is ready for testing prior to release. It will then be tested and if found stable enough, it will be released. If key features are not present or major bugs are found, the company may try to fix those issue and create a new build.

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How is calling people trolls, belittling them because they’re wanting to know about the next patch, and calling for their ban because of it not against the forum’s rules? And how are these posts constructive?

My posts have been flagged/deleted and I’ve been “silenced” on the forums for less than this as well as banned from Funcom’s Facebook page for agreeing with an angry person and sharing my experience with the issue he was discussing.

I don’t really care when people get rude with me, I have a thicker skin than most. I’m just curious why my posts have been hammered for less than this and your posts and you are still here.

I guess this sort of thing is acceptable, but it’s outrageous when a dissatisfied customer who paid money complains about the game. Smells like a double standard to me.

And no…I don’t flag people’s posts simply because I don’t like what they’re saying. It’s called freedom of speech…that’s a thing in most developed countries.

I’m sure I’ll be gone again because of this post or my post will go bye-bye simply for pointing out something that’s unacceptable to me. I don’t really care. I speak my mind.


You have every right to ask what’s going on even if they hadn’t said they’d make an announcement.

I hear what you’re saying. I’m starting to wonder about all this myself.


Update (22.02.2019):

We know you are very excited and anxious about the next PC patch, but unfortunately we’ve once again had to make the decision to move the release of the patch. We are still struggling with some unresolved issues that needs to be addressed before the patch goes live.

We’re mainly struggling with issues related to the building system. One issue would cause building pieces to disappear, which would result in lost crafting materials and time spent. A second issue would render buildings invisible alltogether.

Admittedly, our patching estimates also needs improvements.

Our current target is early next week and we hope we have more positive news then. - <<<

Once again we would like to thank you all for your support and patience, especially our TestLive players who helped us find these issues.

we hope we have more positive news then !!!

You know it’s not even the patch delay that bugs me as much as the zero communication factor. They did admit it needs work however back that up with more zero communication. This feels like your buddy that borrowed five bucks that promises everyday he will pay you back and only ever tells you tommorow. We have literally heard more about the next patch release than the current one which is a complete unknown. I am not ready to flip out yet but even the most patient fanboy must be wondering what the heck is going on at this point.

I agree with what you’re saying, but you know, that walk while waiting for this patch would be over four thousand miles long by now. You could have walked from New York to San Fransisco and been just over half way back to New York at this point. :wink: