Next PC Live patch is targeted for release on Monday 18th, 3PM

Read this on Steam in the Official News section.

I’m guessing we’re not getting a patch again?

There go my plans to start playing again! </3

Well i just looked on steam again and noticed it said 3Pm CET, which was 8 hours ago.


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It may not have been updated on Steam, but here on the official forums, the time is targeted for Tuesday, 3pm CET. So that’s tomorrow.

They use the non existing magic :)) and delay it till tomorrow same time. But magic happnes in this game and aperently we cannot trust what they say any more. Is like this fir a month or so :slight_smile: we get daly evrey day. So i do not know no one knows. This game forum has become a mess

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I see tyvm for the info!!!

But man…reading that kinda pissed me off!

I been playing this game on and off since the 1st day it was out in early access. I have nearly 1.5k hours spent suffering through weeks of broken fixes, litterally bug testing the game for free! And now they’re guna update f#@$ing consoles before PC??? Might as well just spit in my face.

Pc gamers are the reason this game evolved from the horrible mess it used to be, to the pretty damn decent game it’s becoming. And this is how they repay us.

Speaking of magic…an other 2 years of bug testing and maybe we will get it finally!

I take it back…we didn’t bug test for free. We had to PAY THEM to bug test. I think we all deserve our moneys worth in Free DLC content for such loyalty and services provided!


Relax :slight_smile: nothing we can do. We ask for performance and exploits fix they give us new npc :slight_smile:
It is what it is. No poit of geting mad they will bann your wipe your post etc… they will say we are sorry bla bla bla :))

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Still think we deserve free DLC’s for those who’ve been there since the darker days.

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There is a number of console players I expect to (theoretically) argue with you such is worth it; being behind the PC version in ways and having additional (and more frequent) issues due to it.

Anyhow, those fixes are needed, as they are critical issues which may impact a lot of people, even when ‘it is console’.

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Thank you. As a PC player I have acquired 3,355 hours and as a PS4 player I have about 757. My hope is to increase my time on the couch doing a Let’s Play for my living room! The way to achieve this is by getting the PS4 to where we are now.

We don’t ask for much on our sleek black boxes (except perfection). :crossed_fingers:

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Been here since early access myself and I couldn’t agree with you more, but prepare to have your post wiped off the face of the earth. They’ve torn down several of mine for less…lol. And if this patch doesn’t do as promised, they’re gonna be busy ripping down posts from angry customers on their forums yet again as I’ve seen done after nearly every patch.
These days when a new patch is released, I just make a big bowl of popcorn before I check these forums, kick my feet up, and enjoy the show. :smiley:

I shake my head at posts like these.

You spent 1.5k hours SUFFERING? Then you aren’t very bright are you? If it was that bad you should have at least figured that out in the first 500 hours. Furthermore, you are complaining about broken fixes but you also are upset they aren’t rushing an update out? Refer back to the second sentence in this paragraph.

More like you paid 50-60 bucks for something you got at least 1000 hours of enjoyment out of. Pretty good return on your investment I’d say.


I shake my head at replies like yours.

She didn’t say simply that she was suffering, nor did she complain about the broken fixes. She said “suffering through weeks of broken fixes” clearly meaning that she played through them and reported them helping to make the game what she refers to as “the pretty damn decent game it’s becoming”. There’s footwork in involving oneself in taking the time out to report the plethora of bugs this game has experienced since early release, hence the term “suffering” was clearly used figuratively.

It’s also quite clear she’s upset because she’s believes the consoles are getting updated before the PC’s and she never said anything about being upset about the update not being rushed out.

So all you’ve accomplished here is taking what she said out of context, putting words in her mouth, and twice you’ve insulted her intelligence. Very poor form, sir.

Yet I digress. This is one of those posts that Funcom will most assuredly delete from their forums anyway because of any negative comments. It’s easier for them to make posts like this go away rather than take the high road and address the OP’s concerns.

Yes, upset that the developer is trying to release an update that doesn’t create more issues. And the developers already addressed the concern presented when they updated the announcements for patching this week, as far as I can tell hours before this person created an account on these forums to complain about it. And in no capacity did Dahlia ever indicate they reported anything to help benefit the game, only that they’ve been playing since EA through various bugs and patches.

It’s all nonsense, screaming “Where’s my patch?!?” And then the entitlement, like PS4 and X-Box players don’t deserve to have their game updated until PC is patched. Ridiculous. Both were planned, and the PC patch needed some more tuning, get over yourself.

I have also been playing Conan since day 1 of open access, and lets just say that the day they will drop a patch not causing a bunch of bugs will be the day pigs fly…

I have yet to experience a patch drop from them that doesn’t break something else…


Wait, what? Where did this come from? Usually when a PC patch needs some tuning, the console patches do as well. Also the reason console patches come after PC is because console patches have to go through an extra review process by Microsoft and Sony, so it just makes sense that the PC patch would come first unless it was deliberately delayed for no reason. There’s no malice in that against consoles. They just have to go through extra red tape.

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Such is life in software development. Unforeseen interactions happen. I’ve said it before, but you only need to take a look at how Microsoft updates Windows, and they hardly lack the money to hire competent programmers and QA testers for their flagship product.

But as long as the update is a net positive, ie. it fixes more than it breaks (preferably a lot more), it’s going in the right direction.

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Xmas 2018 holiday event coming also? what happened to that btw?

Or rhinos don’t.

Seriously though, i would prefer to wait another day and another day to make sure they get it right. I dont want to login to find stairs have lost stability causing my tower to fall or that anything on a wedge turns into a loot bag again.

As for consoles, i dont believe they have got the mega patch yet. I could be wrong but i thought it was just a hotfix.

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That never existed outside of (sometimes wild) forum speculation. Certainly nothing concrete was ever promised.

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You can not be serious… that’s like saying, games today evolved from the horrible mess pong was…

I have seen game development from its infancy, in and out of the industry… and first we had pong… but the first games people will remember are pacman and space invaders… (Galaga was better than space invaders, the penguin game was better than Pac-Man, ms Pac-Man was better than Pac-Man…

I spent thousands of hours in the original elite on the C64… marblemadmess was insane, couldnt beat it, but just had to try…
The bards tale series was so good, me and a mate took turns sleeping playing to complete it…
Apparently people. Wasted hours playing solitaire when MS made it part of their bundle…
Backgammon and chess online I loved till I got more rage quitters than people that just enjoy a challenge…

Sorry for rambling… but I for one hate, yes, the only thing in all my life I hate is participation trophies…

Its Conan… go kill stuff.