Next PC Live patch is targeted for release on Monday 18th, 3PM



That never existed outside of (sometimes wild) forum speculation. Certainly nothing concrete was ever promised.


You can not be serious… that’s like saying, games today evolved from the horrible mess pong was…

I have seen game development from its infancy, in and out of the industry… and first we had pong… but the first games people will remember are pacman and space invaders… (Galaga was better than space invaders, the penguin game was better than Pac-Man, ms Pac-Man was better than Pac-Man…

I spent thousands of hours in the original elite on the C64… marblemadmess was insane, couldnt beat it, but just had to try…
The bards tale series was so good, me and a mate took turns sleeping playing to complete it…
Apparently people. Wasted hours playing solitaire when MS made it part of their bundle…
Backgammon and chess online I loved till I got more rage quitters than people that just enjoy a challenge…

Sorry for rambling… but I for one hate, yes, the only thing in all my life I hate is participation trophies…

Its Conan… go kill stuff.





That remains to be seen. Based on the track record of all the patches released so far, there’s no guarantee this one will fix anything or not cause new issues.


It’s a pretty good bet that since she did say that she literally bug tested the game, that she reported bugs…it is, after all, part of the bug testing process; to actually report the bugs. It doesn’t make sense not to report bugs if you care about the game and the OP clearly does or she’d have not bothered to make a post.


New bugs are pretty much the norm for big patches in these games.

Most of the many bug fixes that have come through so far have actually worked though, if nothing has improved for you it could be your PC.


But for a fact, the PC always gets the patch first.

  1. Because of the OP systems.
  2. Because of cert process.

As well, the hot fix released for consoles, was just that, something that was only console operating system related (from the porting process i am guessing.)

When i see patches/hot fixes, i read the first line. Funcom has been very reliable when it points out hot fix only.

Her post comes across as consoles are causing the issues, and Funcom should focus on PC’s first and only update console once PC is running to her standards. I am sure they have numbers that say to treat all as equally as possible Player base, dlc buys per, etc. all business. If there were not very many console players, i am sure over time they would abandon us. And it would make sense.


So today’s patch has been pushed back another day as expected . . .

I’ll check back here tomorrow when I guess I’ll read that it has been pushed back another day :expressionless:


this time they said during this week,

lets hope they hit the nail this time… and there is no more … “delays”…

people at my server (pve 1930) is getting angry .

and most people (me included) are simply running out of excuses. this patch has been in test live for 2 months, (thats a lot development time for a patch)


Yeah, the bugs…it’s like trying to get rid of a bad cockroach infestation.
I’d agree with you about it being an individual’s PC if it wasn’t so widespread across different builds as has been illustrated in other posts. Some of the fixes have worked well on some and not so well on others and I’ve read that it could be anything from low end to high end computers and different OS’s. I’ve read about a lot of people being good to go and a lot where problems remain and new ones rear their head. I don’t know, I’m no programmer and the whole thing makes little to no sense to me as to why certain people are adversely affected and others aren’t. I’ve never seen anything like it in almost 20 years of online gaming, but it is what it is.


Interesting point of view. I read it a bit differently and didn’t see it that way.


Maybe they should get rid of the worst bugs (no EXP for building from my point of view for example), make a small patch in December and only then they should “improve” the game (from their point of view).


Perhaps they would be more angry if the patch came out with the issues still happening. No excuses, the testing proved there were issues and the patch is not ready.


its being 2 months since it was deployed to testlive, i agree should not be out, but people expectation has been crushed several times already , no need to explain why. lets hope for the best, and hope it gets out this week. :slight_smile:


I will just have to state my satisfaction with what’s going on, since (with a few minor exceptions), Funcom are doing things in a much better way these days.

That is: they’re focusing on bug fixes / optimization over blingy new features, and they’re letting things cook in TestLive until ready for Live release. Both of those are things I (and many others) have asked for repeatedly, and I am quite happy that they’re doing it. It would then be profoundly rude to complain about the inevitable delays this is causing.

The main thing I would like to see that still hasn’t manifested is smaller, more focused patches - rather than these all-in-one monster patches. But I have a feeling that this is due to how the project is organized: it might not be practical to do so. Also, the mega patches do have the advantage that there’s a higher chance of being “something for everyone” in there, getting a larger part of the community excited for them. So I can’t even say that my preference would be objectively better anyway.


i agree Mikey, but PR still needs improvements tho.

this delays also occur do to the complexity of this ‘someday to be released patch’, there are many things unresolved over live…that are still unresolved, and its been like this for months, purges being the oldest one (over 10months kinda broken in many aspects) escapes me why they have to do massive patches, instead of a more regular smaller patches, so maybe there is some food for thought there.

so i only got two posting days left here at officials, and it looks to me i am loosing the bet i did with florin, (he said funcom wont be releasing the patch during this week, and so far it seems he was right and i was wrong trying to put my hands for their intended dates, i mean who could forsee they will delay 5 or 6 times ? lol. (my fault i know, and i will be honoring my word on it)


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