Upcoming pc patch date?

I know that there was an update announcement for the PC patch saying it will be this week or next week. but its a bit frustrating to see it keeps getting pushed back and back and back. I dont want a broken patch dont get me wrong, and i want it to be in good working condition, but the dates seem to be getting longer and longer and longer keep getting pushed back. not sure whats going on over there at funcom but i know alot of people who are getting frustrated over this. it would probably have been best to just not give a date.

we all appreciate the transparency, but what is transparency, if it keeps getting pushed back, starting to wonder if this patch is ever going to come. I love this game and enjoy it immensely but man cmon! alot of us are waiting on the patch and it just isn’t happening, im starting to wonder if the next news and announcement is going to say that it is being pushed back yet another week! I honostly wouldnt be suprised, its becmong a trend! All im saying is im losing faith its ever gonna come. I understand Funcom isn’t a massive company, but keep pushing back patches over and over again isn’t a good thing what is this critical issue?? what exactly is causing the delay?? that is transparency, maybe something along the line and more info as to why it seems this patch is ever gonna come even this month? none of us know what a critical issue is exactly. yes its a critical issue but what is that?

Check this out for more information


I do know that the build on TestLive has been delayed due to an issue that came up that they want to resolve before releasing it to the Live build.

They delay this fix from December last year. And it will come in a few weeks, months, years :))))) but not bug fix or exploits only new content and extra bugs and exploits.

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