Patch anytime soon?

So before Christmas which was 20 days ago, we were told you had a patch in the works but no ETA on release we were told. So 20 days since that and no word from you Funcom on what is up, what you are working on and seems not much word on anything from you on the forums. What happened to this communicating more with your players, I am pretty sure you all said that on that on your last stream?

So where is the patch that fixes the issues added with the Horses and new Thrall system? Is there a patch being worked on Funcom? Are you going to release it soon? In the next month, 2 weeks what.

For many of us Thralls are beyond broken, they level then lose levels when you log back in, we level useless thralls to have to break bond then have to start over with a new thrall hoping you get a better roll. You place them and puff log back in and thrall is just gone, nothing on log just gone. These are issues we would like fixed, these are issues that frustrate your player base and no word from you all is even more frustrating.

No word on when you will be introducing the rest of your thrall purge down to the allowed amount?

No word on the issues with thralls not eating on a modded server, even though modders have given you information on how to fix this which you even told us they had in a comment.

Where is this open communicating with your player base as I am not seeing that happening or have I missed something, did I miss this post no, it seems we sit and wait , 14 days since New Year.

Wait are you all still on vacation? No not thinking that is problem but beginning to wonder if that statement about having better communicating with your players was what???

We all know you are busy but we all paid for content that is still broken would like some communication from the company we gave our money to for a broken product. When can we expect some word of when or even if we get some of these issues we got with the last patch fixed???

Come on Funcom communicate with us, we are here every day watching the forums, many helping with issues, playing your game.

BTW this is on your header - We’ve heard your cries! We’ve heard your pleas! These are the official Funcom Forums. We’re hoping to create a single source of information by which we can communicate with ALL of our friends and fans. Sad but does not happen!!



Or this 2:

PS.: It was a bad idea to bring out a patch with major changes during holidays. But Funcom had to deliver the last DLC before the end of 2019 and the DLC was in the same patch.

PPS.: I always warned that this will happen… Because everyone deserves his/her holiday.


I agree and fix the slow motion roll too!

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Roll is fine… You dodge attacks, not run away from the fight.


1 was issued on 12.5.2019 the other on 12.13.2019. Great its on REDDIT and thanks to @Zeb and to you @jot29 its been seen but its not on here , funny not on their own forums right. Agree everyone needs vacation but hey patch been out since the Dec 5th, from then till now is a huge vaca, I work in QA and sure as heck do not get a month long vaca lol.

The Roll / Dodge and if you like it is personal perferences, not fair to tell people they should not run from fights, sometimes there is a reason to run but that is IMO too.

Well the wind-up speed was changed. Lets see how it will work… I dont see that many complains from PC players (who already have this changes).

Wind up changes was all that was needed imo, feels perfect now.

Que razĂłn tienes el juego es injugable, la verdad preferirĂ­a que esta Ăşltima actualizaciĂłn la eliminarse, ya esta dando asco las monturas y toda la porqueria que metieron en el juego que no deja de dar errores.

Yeah so far they are not delivering on the “more communication” they promised.

Es muy comprensible ya que en este momento mucho se rompe dentro del juego con esclavos. SerĂ­a muy bueno si todo se solucionara antes de que agregaran nuevamente nuevas caracterĂ­sticas.

Nice so consoles will get the patch us on PC got before xmas , about time but there is also other patches said were being worked on and were to be out for pc with no ETA. Just looking for an ETA on fixes across the board on all issues not just the ones we were patched for PC before xmas as much left to fix!!

Then again so much for communication with their player base is my thoughts on no ETA but I will one last time hope they stand up to their comments about keeping us all more in the loop. They have the patch, they had said they have the patch, said it more then 11 days ago, so if they wish to not talk to their community guess that is up to them but again not good to SAY you want to communication when you never do even after you say you will do better. Just how I view it, Funcom made the comment to do better, guess they were talking out the horses rear if they do not stand by that comment.

They have never said they have a patch ready. Funcom HAS said they are currently working on the next one (as expected).

As they said, they will release that info when they are ready to. In the mean time, they said they are working on some QoL stuff before they introduce this change.

As they said, the fix will be added to the next patch or two when they are ready.

All the information you request has been talked about multiple times, there isn’t any reason to repeat the same exact information over and over and over.

Use this as a resource in the future. It’s the unofficial dev tracker, and you can monitor their latest posts on a daily basis. Bear in mind, Funcom is largely based in Norway and don’t offer a 24 hour forum service.


Cool I got a picture of a cat there, very worth :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am sorry but that is wrong , they have said they had a patch and it would be out and that was like almost 3 weeks ago.

It did take me a bit to find where they answered me but see it below. Ignasia answered me and then again when I questioned why it had been 11 more days with no patch Hugo answered me again that it was fixed internally.


I asked in another thread the same: Why won't funcom appoint community folks to moderate servers?

I honestly thought that the console patches have more fixes and PC also gets this patch…

But it looks like it is the same patch PC got nearly a MONTH ago??

Fixed internally does not mean it will be patched right away, nor does it mean they have a patch ready to march out the door. You are choosing to read into their statements differently than what the context is actually saying. No game dev company in the world pushes out a patch for every single fix. That’s an unrealistic expectation, not to mention wasteful across the board.

Welcome to certification, courtesy of Microsoft and Sony. Funcom wasn’t the only company in the world who took a winter holiday. Though do note that both platforms saw platform specific fixes that weren’t relevant to PC at all.

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I guess I choose to think of as soon as possible to mean soon not a month down the road, which is reasonable to expect soon as possible to mean soon as possible so I am asking again when?

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@Multigun did you got hired by funcom already? by your responses ALWAYS defending them certainly looks like it. XD XD

lets be more precise shall we multigun? th e QOL improvemnt they will introduce before the culling is the THRALL COUNTER (companion counter) …

they decided to give a grace period so people have time to remove stuff and delete the thralls users dont like (its all of them , they are all trash anyways)

  1. they decided to put this out , but NEVER thought they would need a thrall counter , it was when hell broke loose that they understood it was a necessity before activating the culling. .

  2. they have NEVER said anything regarding on how are we going to deal undermeshed thralls. or lost thralls… havent they? (still missing the answer)

  3. they said they will be looking into the thralls support numbers,the current limit right now is 55 companions per player, in other words if you do not clan up the same people will be able to support 550 thralls in total, but if you clan up then you will get access to only 100!!! , . this is specially BAD for PVE, PVP i can understand where they are coming from, but this will be a major hit for PVE…

so if all 10 members decide to clan up they will have access to 100 thralls (10 thralls per clan member) (many posts has been brought about it. talking about this NON LOGICAL approach only funcom can understand, any other intelligent being cant cope with the understanding of the logic behind it, and yet no explanation has been given as of yet… PVE NEEDS DIFFERENT NUMBERS THAN PVP! PVE are BUILDERS for the most part. and each member in the clan has (normally their own main base, + a couple outpost (at least) how is that going to be defended by 10 thralls in total? escapes me.

so @Multigun you honestly believe they are being effective communicating to people regarding whats comming? bug reports, and the like? and or about the BUGs and MORE bugs introduced with the UNTESTED and RUSHED mounts update? thank you. and happy new year multigun.