Console patches are in the cert-process

As I didnt find any info HERE, but only on REDDIT (you remember, your last stream and about more communicating) I just wanted to share this info:

It would have been a great place, to post it in the patch-note threads in the consoles… But, to bad, this threads got auto-closed…

Or Funcom could have made a new thread and linked the info to it, but…


I would pipe up in your other thread, but it got closed. (joking) This is a shining example of why I believe you are correct about reopening and appending threads – threaddenda – as it were. This would also help us track bug using, origins and other bits that apply specifically per patch. I envision a moderator or staff reopening it with a follow-up post to include our summarized findings, with a short interval for pertinent reply. That seems like how our internal support ticketing system, at my business, works as well.

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Great, but it’s an absurd delay.
Okay, I understand the holidays.
But the game has been broken for over a month.

Bugged arrows and life recovery like Wolverine.
Yesterday I was farming in the unnamed city and was attacked by two players. I didn’t want to run away from the fight, but I wanted to fight where I had the advantage (I was wearing the godbreaker helmet) so I went to sulfur.
My enemies didn’t even lose life. Ridiculous.

I got used to the new regen… will be tough to see it go…

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Me waiting for a new update to drop


It’s been so long since the pc got patched that I don’t even know what bugs are supposed to be patched on the ps4 anymore and what’s a “new feature”.

I sure hope it drops in the middle of a raid tonight. Fun times :slight_smile:

It’s funny I had some friends that have just started the game since the mounts update, and I keep trying to explain that they are in for a rude awakening once the health bug is patched, but the truth is I’ve gotten so used to it myself that it’s going to be a shock to the system to go back to normal.

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Me too darthphysicist. I miss the old Fierce Vitality regeneration rates.

My days of nude thrall leveling will be at and end… those d*mn dirty apes…

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