Open the patch threads

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Why do threads created from YOU (=Funcom) even gets auto-closed after 7 days?

Could you open all the patch threads AGAIN?

@Hugo @Ignasi

Because noone uses them for anything but the opening post!? Feedback is given here or in suggestions and bugs go to the bug section one issue per post. What do you want add to the patch notes that cant be added elsewhere?

I often wrote there something… Also if you have small questions regarding the patch (patchnotes) it was a great place to ask, besides creating more and more threads.

And as Funcom never answered a console question in the PC patch, you have to ask in the right section.

If a thread isn’t used after a certain period of time it will close automatically, including patch threads.
After that, any general discussions should be addressed in this sub-section, and issues should be reported on their corresponding sections following this set of guidelines.

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Good example for patch threads would be the status about the Pristine weapons:

Because the other thread is also closed…

And many threads got closed over the holidays, because many people made holiday :slight_smile:

If a bug thread is closed due to inactivity feel free to open a new one linking to the old thread for reference if necessary.


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