Stop Locking Threads Without Communication

Locking threads before their time expirers without giving any explanation is unprofessional and only servers to garner animosity among the player base. What ever the reason there must be proper communication as to why.


This thread will get locked soon.

But you are right. It’s just silencing and hiding facts about the new update. In other words “damage control”.

The best statement they could do now is another community letter that will be like:

“Dear players, we screwed up…”


They say very little in forum. Mostly it feels, its just players discussing.
Whoever is responsible for communication, doesnt communicate much.


The Fun and The Com it’s not the Funcom base. And its true, same the lives are so bad, when you watch server bug : Twitch

Its very ridicul and the constructions are so ugly, 0 effort.


fact is how many times have we been through this kind of release cycle and discussion suppression, there is a reason they keep complete community control of both the reddit and forums towards the game.

Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for your feedback. Please let us know exactly what threads were closed and we’ll take a look at what might have happened.

If, by any chance, you mean the bug reports please note that we merge them with other reports of the same type to keep all the information in one place. It’s easier for us to track additional information that might be useful for our team as well as keeps the forum tidy.

Please reach out and we’ll do our best to clarify any situation that might be troubling you.


It’s more of a future thing. It’s bad practice to shut down a conversation without giving a reason. Regardless of whether or not the reason is or isn’t obvious.

But here a two since you asked

If I were to hazard a guess, its because emotions kind of took off and the discussion spiraled. This isn’t the fault of the OP of those threads. Just this community (and this isn’t unique here) sometimes just derps out. Then they don’t see anyway the discussion is going to get on track and just push everyone to move on.

It can kind of suck if its your thread and you had an idea or something to say and then it gets buried. But suffice to say, if Dana, Mayra, Ignasi, or AndyB has locked it, they also read it, chances are anything of worth was gleaned and taken over. So they’re not entirely wasted.

In many cases, threads sometimes just take space IMO (and I am just voicing my opinion here), and get attention from things that probably need more attention. Especially if something goes into a ‘Funcom Bad’ discussion, or PVE and PVP crapping on each other. Those don’t really serve any purpose. People say they are feedback, but they’re the same words and accusations said for years (or decades in some cases). So like a post saying the sun will rise tomorrow and the sky is blue… it gets a bit redundant.

My advice is don’t really worry about it too much. They’re not silencing you and the ones who get the threads locked are just ignorant most of the time. Though personally… when people do get overly personal… and when I say this I mean they start using a thread for dms and not merely insulting each other… that shouldn’t be reason to lock a thread. Just put the two in time out or tell them to chill.

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This :point_up_2:, i will add Cattibria and Melcom to this.

Emotions with positive spirit was never their issue i believe :man_shrugging:.
But yes this is the greatest reason i believe .
Another good reason is “go around the same bush…” which means that this topic has nothing more to give.
Community allows constructive criticism, but constructive!

The reasons all these above go wrong it’s us. But we are responsible for the opposite too :metal::sunglasses:. C’est la vie i guess!

Both of which were easy enough to see why they were closed, no need of an explanation.

A good portion of the know issues with AoW were discussed on the forum with in hours of it hitting test.

The foundation bug that has bit so many was unknown by any one on the public test servers.

Years ago I was actually a forum moderator. One day the app the forum was for had a big anticipated update, within half an hour there were 7 threads with almost Identical titles. I merged them, people started new threads because they thought the threads had been closed. Then I started just linking to the main thread and closing threads. Finally got to the point I was handing out 24 hour timeouts like candy.

People will come on to the forum all agitated and never check to see if there are already threads on the subject.

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There is always a need for explanation.

I’m not taking it personally. These are just two I had on hand. It’s a matter of professionalism. A reason should always be given.

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Yes. Exactly.

Log an Issue if it’s a demonstrable fault. This is useful.

Add to an existing ticket if you need to, but keep detail clear so your feedback enhances the response.

Save the hate for your spouse/kids/pot-plant/aliens/self.

Remember that in some (very rare cases), some have specific axes and agendas to grind. Some even need to generate ‘hits’ to a stream or platform.

To attract useful attention to a matter keep it simple, productive, unemotive.

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Please don’t beat your kids…


Oh, I agree 100% on that - they usually choose their parents’ old age home… :rofl:

Please take a look around the forums. It’s all out there. The bugs, the negative feelings about thralls and stamina and the new building pieces, etc. Even the FLS being down. They’re not silencing anything, except inexcusably poor behavior.

That said, I do agree that it’s good protocol to post an explanation to locked threads to make it clear why the thread was locked. If it was because emotions flared and harsh words were used, it’s good to point that out because people often cannot see whether they crossed the line, especially in the heat of the moment.

Yeah, it’s like holding back the tide with a bucket. Haste is a poor councelor, and people often act before looking around to see whether someone else has already reported the same thing. And if their own thread “disappears” because it got merged, they post a new one because they’re here to tell the truth and the evil corporation is trying to shut them up - especially if they’re still in an emotional state due to whatever brought them to the forums.


When I reported a bug the devs flagged as spam! The bug is the texture on setite chocker and stygian vest

Well a lot of frustration going on atm (and I’m not even including the conspiracies)…
Don’t think Funcom is in the position to make everyone happy at all atm…

But I really hope they’re working on it… but your guess is as good as mine, since we don’t really get a answer.

Communication is key.

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Keys also open doors?