Why lock or edit threads that are complaints about cheating on official servers?


Whats the ultimate goal with “mods” on here applying heavy editorial oversight over thread that honestly are more or less cries for support or help in the community regarding cheating.

We all know the following:

  • Cheaters are not punished on Official Servers.
  • Cheaters body vault their stashes for when they wipe servers or lay low during a potential ban wave.
  • Cheaters are driving audiences from public accessible servers into fragments or displaced private servers that are very hit/miss with moderation and stability
  • Cheating gets attention at patch time, but aren’t eradicated.
  • People are more likely to give up on working with Funcom to report cheating than before, whats the upside other than “k, thx…team will look into it” and never get any closure or feedback.
  • Moderators are running on these forums as volunteers but not on the servers… so the forums get moderated but the server dont… what…why…

Im sure this will get locked or edited out, but honestly whats that end game look like… head in the sand long enough you hope the problem will self correct?

because… its not… and the statistics demonstrate that these ‘exploiters’ are very likely destroying the games potential for redemption / growth. So you may prefer to focus on the exploits but we’d prefer you to focus on the exploiters as well.

OR don’t…


sure, but why lock the threads… it just amplifies the situation … its kind of like a monty python skit with the black knight… “thats just a flesh wound”…

if oyu dont talk about it . it doesnt exist. if someone makes noise about it? you shut iut down so it doesnt exist.

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A lot of threads get locked when they actually show how to use the exploit in question, as it’s against forum rules, some because the person shows personal information (PSN IDs, Xbox Live Gamertags and Steam ID numbers for example), which is again, against forum rules. However, the majority get locked due to the 7 day inactivity timer, if there’s no post on a thread for 7 days, it is automatically locked. As for why feedback is rarely ever seen on the forums in regards to cheater threads, it is possible that they contact the individual who made the report via private message.

As for the question of why these forums are moderated, but servers aren’t, the answer is a bit obvious, look at the number of moderators on these forums, then look at the number of official servers, then also put into account that moderating a server requires a lot more work than moderating a forum. A server moderator needs to act almost immediately upon a report being made, whereas a forum moderator doesn’t, because evidence can be hidden on a server, the same can’t be said for a forum, someone can edit their posts to hide things, but moderators can check a post’s edit history.

One last thing to keep in mind, Funcom isn’t exactly a big studio, so they more than likely do not have the resources to moderate every single official server, so that brings me to this question, would you rather they only moderated some servers at select hours, or none at all? To me that seems like a “Damned if they do, damned if they don’t” scenario if I ever saw one.

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you forgot the flag trolls

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With the irony being that this statement was declared less then 24 hours after a patch, and a week after it was revealed they are working on a new map.


This right here. It’s not that Funcom doesn’t care, or they don’t react - it’s just that a public forum is not the right media to report these issues. The forums have a guide on how to report exploits. It very specifically tells people not to post detailed explanations of said exploits on the forums or other social media.

It’s also worth noting that in many legislations, a person being accused is considered innocent until proven guilty. Publicly accusing them of cheating (including screenshots with information that can be used to identify the player) can be considered a crime in itself (defamation or slander). As Funcom is ultimately responsible for their forums, they cannot endorse its use for this kind of activity.

Social media should not be used as the judge, jury and executioner.

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Threads are locked or go ‘poof’ so they can keep up the façade that these issues do not exist and have not existed since day one pre-release- bottom line reason- $$$$

Not only does this game have the least friendly cheat/hack/exploit reporting option of any game I have ever played, they seem to go out of their way to ensure these exploiting/hacking players remain in game by implementing things like the hidden player feature where now you cannot click on the abuser and even get their steam information for the very daunting reporting option that does exist if you were willing to jump through the hoops to report them.

I have been here since day one and like so many of my friends that have been with me that have uninstalled, I am very close to doing the same and regardless of the promises that Funcom may make in the future about ‘fixes’ or improvements, I won’t even look back once I finally take this step.

This is further reinforced by the realization that “trivial” things like the hitboxes on fish traps and other placeables are still being improved. It’s those unheralded things that missed in the scrum, that also show a commitment to continued Development.

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Hey there @dorizzdt, I’m saying this because we’ve spoken here at the forums before and figured you’d expect me to say it. Threads in criticism of Staff actions are expressly prohibited. Even individual posts in such a fashion will receive a rebuke.

You and I didn’t really have a chance to discuss this before, because, as expected, your report thread was locked. After reports are made and additional threads begin to propagate, the choice is then to either close or merge the threads. In my experience, merged threads of this nature always devolve into naming and shaming, which places Staff in a further awkward situation. It’s an unenviable position, best kept to private messages, in many cases.

moderation is never a topic for public discussion