The patch is coming guys

Hey fellow lovers of Conan. The Update is due ASAP. Funcom are just awaiting certification from Sony.
Just a ’ wee bit more patience required. We’re almost back in the game​:sunglasses: Be well fellow Exiles :pray:


Si eres español o sabes, esto te puede ayudar.

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Hahaha yeah believe it when I see it, not going to hold my breath, we will probably be still waiting for it at Christmas :rofl:

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Aquí lo tienes:
Hello Exiles! Quick update:

Both console patches are currently in the certification step. We will, of course, release them as soon as possible, and hope to have them certified in time to release by tomorrow , Wednesday March 31 - but we can’t offer a guarantee at this exact moment.

Please note: This could mean that one of the consoles gets the update before the other. We won’t hold the release for one console up just because the other one hasn’t completed certification yet.

More info as soon as we have it! Thanks for your patience and support!

Writting by AndyB


Not getting it! An update on the next console patch - #110 by Dana

And what a surprise ( not), yet again funcom have failed, why oh why are we bothering anymore to support a game that is completely broken and the developer’s can’t be bothered to fix, well not for consoles that’s for sure, so why should we bother to try and play it, I’m done waiting, I’m done supporting, the game on console has finally just been killed

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