Half april no console patch?

End of March or end of 2021?
Cmon, we deserve respect . We are waiting a patch that fix this broken game since september 2020… that’s a joke. Give us a damn date whose we will wait for.
We deserve it, we payed this game to be abandoned???
Let give us a news about it!!!

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There no date to give, And when they do… they’ll be more careful.

They let us know it went into Sony/MS, Alot of people kinda assumed that was “the set date” And it didnt pass certifaction or had to be looked at again.

I think that goes both ways, yes? They gave us a good estimate and it fell thru. So no need for them to jump in fire with new date…
I think we can all wait till it “passes” certifaction. And get a real date this time around.


Not sayin I expected it, but I am certainly not surprised.

I like Conan Exiles, it forces you to have more hobbies than just playing this game. It even teaches one patience, how to deal with disappointment and lets you develope a tolerance for frustration on top of all that.

Go for a run now, axe a dragon in the face later… there is plenty of fun outside the com.


Yo just give it up maybe 2022 we can get the update :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@Halk ,You lucky guy already run in the lands of Siptah , we are really desperate here , I am watching all the time YouTubers playing in Siptah and I envy them soooooo . Still our friend @Legendaddy87 is right , patients is the word and hope is mine :pensive: . Guys pleeeease Siptah on consoles .

Yep. I’d love to try the new map aswell. I have been ignoring all new content on Youtube concerning the Island. Keeping the experience of a first-time-playthrough once it finally comes as fresh as I possibly can.


@Legendaddy87 ,I know what you mean but I just can’t m8 , I feel like a five year old boy watching the ice cream car pass by , it’s impossible not to look closer , impossible :rofl::rofl::rofl: .


Deep breaths Deep breaths. It will get here. @stelagel

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How many ice-cream van’s have passed by in the time we have waited for any sort of update? :rofl:

No what I find interesting, the term “certification” has absolutely no bering on the release of the game on console vs. PC. In truth it is an old trick they started when PC was the only system you could update post release, and was basically a way to say “shoot, where’d I put my login credentials, I only have 10 minutes to meet deadline”, and they would say, “sorry didn’t pass cert, we will get to fixing it, and get back to you at a later date”. In other words when a dev says “it didn’t pass cert” that means they just hadn’t finished it yet. Sony, and Xbox have nothing to do with it.

I would have appreciated them being more careful in doing timely updates and not dragging it out for over 6 months. Sorry but to say Funcom should be more careful in their PR when there was a huge error in resource management that disappropriately affected one group over another…yeah sorry but someone over there should be sweating bullets about their career about now and it better not be a coder or any of the CSR’s that are on the board…it should be a manager level person.

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They’ve stated it few times, how PC is easy patch and how consoles take abit of time. They were pretty much working hard on early access Spitah, and getting Xbox team put together, (to stop the memory leaks and major issues) Funcom was pretty up front with getting those 2 things sorted before even daring to parity patch everyone.

They’ve been pretty up front with why were behind over-all, Last update was fairly well received outside horse still trying get inside your back side. XD
Nothing crazy broken by it.

We were told pretty early on about fix for under meshing not going to live to it was tested more.

I think alot of people are just on edge and forgetting what we have been told. I get that if your on live server, and not a private or solo… the undermesh and hackers are getting abit much. We kinda knew long ago that the anti-undermesh was not being rushed.

I don’t really agree with how Funcom handles Console users. I tend read recaps on streams, I never really feel that left out on info.

Friendly reminder that certification for AAA studios (at least through Sony, I never had to work with Microsoft) tends to run about 5 business days (unless it’s a game breaking emergency, then it can be expedited but that’s rare).
Indie and Small studio certification can take 10-15 business days depending on numerous factors. We got an update, what was it, about a week ago, that this great behemoth of a patch failed certification? So, add another 2-3 weeks from then to the reasonable expectation time.

While I am firmly of the “this should have been several smaller patches released over the past 6 months” camp and that this mess could have been avoided…
That’s also a ship that already sailed and as a pragmatist I must work with what is and what could be a reasonable expectation, rather than bemoaning the immutable past.

I do think it might be helpful if a funcom rep was the one clarifying the certification process, but I’m not certain what their staff are allowed to say or even how much intel makes it to the community engagement side of the virtual office.
Also, my knowledge of the process is a few years stale, things may have changed.

As I understand it, the revised patch has been resubmitted, so… I’d be pleasantly surprised if it drops before the end of the month.

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I see a “back and forth” here. Funcom says SOny / MS are to blame for the delay and that shows me that Funcom is way behind the console schedule.
Isle of Siptha is far from finished and I do not expect it to appear before 2022 (if at all).
As a Conan console player, I am in favor of unfinished patches / games being removed like cyberpunk and finally setting an example.

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