Thank you for this beautiful summer!

The best moments :

“The updates will temporarily slow down a bit during the last three weeks of July.”

“We’re also sorry to inform you that the 500+ patch will not be released before August”.

“Everyone on the team has been working tirelessly on Conan Exiles up to launch and beyond”.

“We don’t want to risk putting out such a big patch right before the summer break, so we are going to wait until everyone on the team is back.”

“We do hope for your understanding and want to thank you in advance for your patience and for being part of our community.”

And let’s not be frustrated at all, is it?


Mmmm… yup… not be frustrated, IF we can. Oh man, this is getting ‘better’ by the day now.


This is unbelievable… not a single PS4 player can play the game, and they have the balls to say that? And their only suuuuper useful crap they will be adding before going on vacation is some stupid clan option whatever for PC?

I guess we need to sue them. There must be some law against this type of scam.


naa im not frustreated i can blow through the entire content of the game before hitting lvl 50 yes bone dragon and all without cheating and i dont mind my thralls falling through the floor and having to rip up t3 foundations just to pull them out and lets not forget how kind it was of funcom to give us a 10$ DLC in the middle of all this lol


I understand you, I’ve been there too. Me, almost all my attributes are down to 0, and do not talk about all my beautiful buildings … :disappointed_relieved:

Where’s that information from? The 500 fixes patch for ps4 is already in cert and should come today.

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That’s not the 500 fixes patch, its the patch that was available for PC last week. 500 isn’t coming til august.


Told a lotus potion fixes the missing points. Didn’t know myself and restarted.

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What Jubes said about the parity patch is true. Info from newest post in announcement folder


Lost walls thrall s won t respond have two ,ps4. And could of game so my wife and can play cool please fix