The Conan Exiles scam

At the moment this game is TOTALLY unplayable on PS4.

In my life as a gamer I have never seen so many bugs at the same time in a game!

And I think it’s the only performance they’ve managed to accomplish.

And to launch in addition a DLC without real patch is a real insult thrown in the face of the players who make them more confidence.

I think they had bigger eyes than belly in creating this game.


G’day mate.

I agree with you. One thing that puzzles me is how are the patches and updates Quality Assured. What type of testing are they subjected to? Does anybody actually play them? I am happy to volunteer my time as a patch tester.

My experience is that the game is performing worse and is buggier after each update! Almost as though some disaffected employee is actively trying to sabotage the code…:rage::anguished:.

I don’t expect the PS4 version to perform up to the same graphics standard as the PC version, but I don’t think I’m being unreasonable in expecting reliable, fluid gameplay.



Yeah id be up for that aswell :slight_smile: and i agree it does seem that after each patch it becomes more unstable. My concern is that its not really tested on PS4 and they are just porting fixes for the PC master race with eyes closed and fingers crossed. When the game plays well its awesome, its just starting to become a messafter each patch :frowning:

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Yep its Fraudcom


i am very sad at the state of the game on ps4 i had such high hopes for it i did i knew i should have learned my lesson from age of conan back when it came out i folloed that game dev for 2 years to only play for 6 months so sad funcom i hope you go bankrupt you are a cancer on gaming just like EA and activision i hate you all

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Dont worry this game is already falling down so fast and Hardly. Just check the pops from servers, half or even worse! But There is more! This game is dying alone, there is not single game in the industry trying to steal Conan’s place. Funcom alone is helping this game to be ended.


I agree. A dlc? really? What about all the bugs in the current game that have not been fixed. What we need is not a dlc, but a playable game. This is ridiculous. I bought a server to play this game but cant get players because they wont even fix the 9999 ping so that the servers will actually show up when u pull up the list. Supporting this company is a big failure.

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I called Sony, they blew me off because i was able to log so many hours on it. They don’t care, they are just the platform.

I bought Ark SE on sale this week. Been playing it and live it. None of the issues ps4 CE has but it does have official server drama. Ark by far is clearly a better product on ps4 and proves it can be made to not lag.

Time will tell if ps4 Conan will make it on ps4. But I agree it is no fun to play atm. Very laggy and each patch adds more drama.

Well I wouldn’t go that far. I played Ark for over 2 years. Since the pre release version dropped. There have been many days where I played and the servers would crash, followed by up to a 30 minute roll back lag. So everything accomplished in a 30 minute period would be lost and you’d be back where you started. Ive got plenty of quarrels with Conan. But comparing the two after extensive game time?.. ark lags way worse than this game. And more often than not Arks lag gets you killed. Where as Conan’s server crashes or blue error screens drop your character and make your body untouchable in pve, ark drops your body and allows it to be killed by enemy creatures. If you play ark with only a couple people on a server it performs decently, but you get 20 or 30 people on a server and the lag just destroys the gameplay. They did the same thing, releasing a $20 dlc while the games bSic mechanics are broken and unreliable.

Really? Maybe 2 years ago. Ps4 pvp and pve servers are working fine. No lag and no data lost. I’m about 50 hours in on game play and on a new servers.

If you like dinos and poop Ark is a good ps4 game. Conan exiles is months away from Ark level of server imo. My guess is they will drop the graphics quality down to make sound, video, combat work.

Except Ark has awful Engine, barely 20 FPS at best, terrible mechanic, and a Lot of other problems that Will never bem adressed because Its Very limited. Conan has much more Future IF Funcom fix It.

How is lag in Ark, single player, I am not interested in multi at all, compared to Conan single player?

Stay away from multi, the most toxic community ever in the whole game industry.

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Test live has a patch with 500 bug fixes. They have been working on it for awhile now. Should be out shortly.

I preordered Age of Conan back when it 1st released, that launch was absolutely awful. The parallels between that game then & this one now is astonishing.

It appears that they simply refused to learn from past mistakes & wait untill a game is fully stable before releasing it. They, & other developers, don’t seem to realize that releasing a damaged product only hurts their bottom line.

Sure, you’ll get a quick influx of cash before people realize how unstable the game environment is, but once word gets out, sales will dry up & create hesitation on any future purchases from the company. Be it a new game or DLC for a current one. It reduces their potential customer base & alienates supporters.

They just keep shooting themselves in the foot.

Ark has no lag on ps4 pro. Single player and official servers. I have a single game going running split screen sometimes with my son when I need 2 players.

I tried a beginner official server and it was packed with T4 players claiming all the beginner beach space but no lag. Pve. Pvp new server no lag but some toxic players. Not fond of getting swamp fever and items taken when I am offline.

Conan exiles has slaves Ark has poop and no nudity. Dinos are better than zombies.

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I didnt mentioned lag But FPS, and Ark has terrible FPS issues, the game itself protect ur base from any threat.

My thoughts exactly about dlc. Give us dlc sure, but not to a game we can hardly play. Alot of the games I play include major bug fixes with added content in updates. I seriously do not understand how this game gets worse every update.