ETA on 500 fixes patch for PS4, and update on PS4 Issues Status?

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My last posts were quite angry at Funcom for their recent behavior, but I must admit that their call to arms from yesterday was a great move. It makes me keep hope in that one day the PS4 version will be good as well.

Could we please have an update on the 500 fixes patch for PS4? Also, could you please update the PS4 Issues Status? I am interested in seeing whether you have solved or at least identified why we lose our progress, as that is the reason why I am not playing anymore (not that I don’t want to play, it’s just that I don’t see the point on farming if I will lose it, and I don’t want to use the admin console).

I know that there will be less patches in July due to the vacation, but could we get an estimate? It would be great to have it fixed before the Aquilonian DLC is released, because it looks awesome, but as mentioned in multiple occasions I am not going to invest money until the game is playable.

Thanks, and congrats on releasing the “mother of all patches”.

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@Tascha ? Any update?

Yeah probably August at the earliest. Unless they try to push off on us what they already pushed to the PC which has issues also. If it aint fixed and tested I dont want it until it does. Game is broken enough already.


Id rather they would do more little patches. The 500 scares me to my core, Its mental to puxh that many in one go and hope it doesnt break core componants… Even if it was 5 x 100 i think it would put us in a batter shape. just ffrom a troubleshooting mind making 500+ changes in one go make it near impossible to find the 1 key thing that breaks. Small and often rather than Quick and Big. My key concern is that they just dont have the skills in house to port to the PS4.


Man, I try to be reasonable and give them benefit of the doubt, etc… But then there are 0 updates on plans for PS4 or any of the issues. We still lose our progress. They release the 500 patch which seems to have even more bugs. And they can’t at least give un update?

I am only asking for an update on when will we have a patch or at least hotfix for the progress lost issue, it’s not like I am asking them to fix it right now.


Since this thread is ignored by Fraudcom’a CMs, I opened another one being more direct and they deleted it. Thanks for that.

As I was asking here when I opened it, can you update the issues list? For more context, in the thread they just removed one CM answered saying that there is no ETA on the next fix, fair enough. Can you update the issues list to at least let us know if you know the root cause of the problemv


You know they’re on holiday right? So you won’t get a response, so no need to go on about it. :hugs:

On holidays now, not 9 days ago :wink:

Yeah, with you 100%. This game could be top game but every time we get a “hotfix” or update it burns the this game to the ground.This game shouldn’t be a Funcom top seller it should be and could be a console top seller. I mean rather easily #1 but…everything, well almost everything, has kept it from being so.

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