Time for todays patch

Can anyone there inform us HERE of the time that you will release the patch that will fix the game today. Il keep my fingers crossed.

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This time next year…


I think you guys from funcom dont know that we are NOT your friends, NEITHER your palls, we are your CUSTOMERS. What time is todays patch going to be released, if you dont know by now just tell us what the hell is going on??


Hello @william1, we don’t have any specific ETA to provide at this time, our team is working to release this hotfix as soon as possible.


@william1 in other words they don’t know and am just as much in the dark as us. They won’t give any eta’s because then they can be held accountable. Releasing it as soon as possible can mean anything just take the avatars for example, took them a whole year to do 6 changes to them. They are apparently back in the game but not enabled on official servers yet… mmmmmm wonder why…

Lets just hope this patch for a patch for a patch will actually fix things and not break more things…


As fun as it is to harp on suspicion and conspiracy theories, I work in software development and know this isn’t how it works.

You get an issue, you identify the cause in code, and often, there’s a whole series of consequences to making that change that you have to investigate before putting it live.

Not that FC are excellent at examining all of that, mind you, but in this case - they do have to make sure it fixes the problem. That takes time, and 48 hours isn’t really that long in the grand scheme of things.

They’re just trying to make sure that the cure isn’t worse than the disease. Well, worse than what they already let out of Pandora’s box.

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Very competent answer :v:

Not sure if they have patched it yet,i have been playing all morning fine no probs ,NOW …i last about 2 mins and game freezes WTF Funcom ,have a word with yourself, ( i must do better ) !!

There was a patch about 2 hrs ago, you may want to download that?

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