Can we deserve an answer about new patch date?


It’s been months and we’ve lived through this pork glitch for a long time. We are asking multiple times to know at least a precise date when you will solve this problem that is literally emptying the servers on playstation and ruining a magnificent game by making it unplayable. can we players deserve an answer on this? why can’t you look for a temporary solution to “buffer” the problem? We don’t ask for much, FUNCOM! You could add multiple server resets during the day that undo the buffs of the thralls, which requires no download but simply a change in the server settings. This ignoring of players is becoming unnerving and frustrating. We have invested time and money in this game and we deserve RESPECT!


It is the Christmas holidays for everyone, so wait for the next fews weeks.

I’m waiting from November an answer :slight_smile:

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people were asking this months ago, didn’t know xmas holidays was that long in Norway lol.

(plus for a lot of people it’s normal business day now… It’s a company, not a school)


We wont get a date, intill there ready for a date. lets not rush another patch for consoles that breaks stuff. =/

They have Siptah to get out (as stated) before we get anything. And best thing so far is 2021 q1.

Funny thing is, they take Vacations and Holidays very serious over there. Compared to here, were you have to beg and ask and hope you get your 2 weeks when you need it. XD

I Personally don’t want a date… they’ve rushed to many updates and patches and broke game.
Let them work and sit on it, and not have us hovering over there shoulder for once.

They said Q1 for 2021… thats gonna have to do till there ready. Not mention its gotta go thru certifaction, which can take time… so any date given can be instantly ruined by Sony and MS.

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I live in Denmark. Norway is next door. The rules are pretty much the same here.

Only December 24th-26th and January 1st are national holidays in Norway. The rest is normal work days. But yeah we’re entitled to vacation (4 weeks and 1 day in Norway, 5 weeks in Denmark) and yeah some people choose to use some of that around Christmas.

can’t wait for it on xbox.


Demanding respect is rarely the path to being respected.


Guys, guys, it’s holiday season. People take vacation days, even those in game development. Only because the players have a lot of time to make demands, doesn’t mean the developers have much time to answer - or, to be precise, their employer doesn’t have people available to answer.

An announcement when the patch will hit would be very nice. But, uhm, they will already know that there’s demand for it. They’ll us when they’re ready to tell us.

In the meantime, keep yourself busy with mods (if on PC), finding all the new language books or leveling a new lucky boar/pig pet, 'cause it’s New Year.


I just would like a headline reprogram : Can we get an answer / DO we deserve an answer / or maybe -We deserve an answer. Sorry, I am just being very ■■■■ retentive right now… :face_with_monocle:

Longer the 2.2 takes the better, means they can do better QA and Add even more fixes to it.

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