Patch day is incoming only a few hours away

only 5 days and we will get all the new battelpass pets new events :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:


I really hope that we can finally do the sorcery stuff on consoles. Since day one of 3.0. It’s not possible on playstation without freezing the game.


On my series x it working fine

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Correctly I am still in ps4. And I have to say that online sorcery spells are unusable. Its freezing my game every time I have tried it after every update.
Singleplayer offline i had the chance to see some spells but even there 1 of 3 times I get a freeze.

My friends ps5 runs better but he also have freezes while doing spells. He is playing in performance mode since 3.0 it makes the lag a little bit better he said.

I hope that one day playstation also get a next gen version like Xbox. And I hope I will get a ps5 soon.

I expect many performance improvements for the next chapter so the game would be playable again.

But not only performance. My derketo shrine is still invisible like all the tents in sepermeru.

Conan is thinking about leaving his favorite bar because it becomes a sad place since the sorcerers made all the stuff inside invisible.

Since 3 month now…

I am really excited about the stormglas sets and hope the best for the game and us players for future.


Don’t see point of new season when 1st one was unplayable… even after patches
Can we have a working game 1st before we progress time limited content…


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4 more days till the update

The game is still laggy tho . It’s so bad

Yea, now live will get pet cats, and the entire unbalancing of the game wooot.
Fire up the recyceler and start grinding up those legendary weapons.

And wait, that’s not all. Soon to fill the forum “You screwed/killed/ruined/ the game” threads.

When this goes live I intend to be harvesting sorcerers like aloe.

1 day boys and girls :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

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Yay but is that update for windows or does it include consoles?

I play on PS4

It will be for pc and consols they sayed

Upgrade :upside_down_face:

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Does anyone have any idea on a time for this update to drop?

around 2 till 4 pm i gues

Useless answer without timezone…

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lol man =) just chill and wait

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19h/20h Europe time (Paris/Berlin) ?

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I say betwenn 2 pm till 4 pm european time (funcom sweden europa)

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The last times it was around 3 pm cet on playstation.
I hope the best but refreshing my decay timers if something happen that we need to wait for the next patch to login again :wink: