Where is the sorcery?

We need sorcery now. Pets were a minor update that took gigabites of data.

Do we? I thought we need some patches with working fixes first!

Sorcery will be released, when the next sorcery related DLC is ready.

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I’m upset they waited for the dlc of pets to release pets.

They should bring sorcery now.

Conan Exiles would be first open sandbox builder with magic as the player weapon for consoles.

Never satisfied are you? Not even a week old and demanding, just like you did for the pets patch, yet another “major patch”. Oh wait, didn’t you quit? That sure didn’t take hold long.


Dark and Light is calling to you… “Come to me ye of little faith”.

To be honest: I took OP more as a troll post, so that I myself trolled a little about Funcoms release policy… :grimacing:

Look most of Major updates are done. Seeing how Pets update had a dlc on the same release date. They are working on dlc to throw in it.

Update 34 pets and etc release October 9 2018.

DLC : The savage Frontier pack release October 9 2018.

Give me sorcery.

I been waiting since I preorder the game.

They release pets with same day dlc.

I’ve been here from the start.

I preorder.

Look at update and pets and it’s dlc release same day.

Seems dlc is there goal and focus.

While I too am waiting patiently for sorcery. I also really really want to keep everything in perspective. FC just needs more time to implement it properly. I don’t want people hurling lightning bolts and fire balls around.

I would rather it be more like the source material.

I know this is going to sound completely off, but I hope they tie it to accuracy and survival stats, as currently, other than a few niche builds, there isn’t much reason to choose these skills. (Unless you are an archer for some reason)

I’d rather it come out and be cool. But I would rather have other things happen first tat fix the things we need fixed as a priority

I don’t want to wait another year for sorcery.

They are delaying for dlc.

Look at pets update for evidence.

After Sorcery, you are going to say "Sorcery was a little patch. I want Mounts now! I have waited since pre-order for mounts. It has already been a year, and STILL no mounts. "

Then after mounts, you will say “mounts was a little patch. I want Cities now! I have waited since pre-order for cities! it has been a year and a half, and STILL no cities!”


I care not for pets,mounts or city updates.

The part I do care about is sorcery.

Necromancer and Lichdom was show cased.

Few games lack the guts to mention Necromancer and Lichdom in their game. Fewer promise it in there game for the player to use.

There a big problem right now. Corruption is useless.

Bryan_Skull is a Lich and necromancery is his power.

Of all magic less given to the player.

Necromancer Is rarely given to the player.

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