Where the sorcery at?

Still no sorcery in Conan Exiles. Funcom if you need help tell us. Most of the player base could help test the sorcery for you guys. Many already want too.

My ps4 was received by sony May 7 and it been 72+ days Since I post.

Funcom don’t disapoint me. Conan Exiles without sorcery isn’t a Conan lore friendly game.


I missed you.

We also don’t have hair style changes yet either.

But we have necromancy lite!



If you tune into the Funcom Conan Exiles streaming events, they have stated a number of times that sorcery is not currently on their agenda.

They have given us a sort of “sorcery lite” as Hexsing has suggested. If you are looking for areas of immersion - there are a number of things right now that could be considered sorcery. Like fast travel between map rooms and obelisks. Some of the potions and alchemy. Summoning skeletons and other undead things. Drinks that increase corruption. Drinks that reduce corruption.

Sure, it’s a short list. But it’s something.

I get the impression that sorcery is still in Funcom’s back channel of “nice to do” things. However, I do not suspect we will see full sorcery until they have designed the system, and can execute it properly. Which is a good thing.


The witch doctor recipe is nothing to sorcery necromancery. There is a big difference.

I was hoping sorcery would been here by now.

72 days is a fairly descent wait for you Bryan, bravo on your restraint. Although as others have already stated, sorcery is still not yet in production, I have something I will say that may tantalise. As you may well know there are three more (confirmed) dlc packs coming out later this year. The final is called ‘Mysteries of Acheron’. In Robert E Howards The Hour Of The Dragon, the Acheron empire was described as an ancient realm ruled by soecerers, where its denizens practiced dark magic such as necromancy. Although this is pure and utter unfounded speculation, the backdrop may just be hinting that we will get some basic sorcery features at or around the time of its release. Or if not perhaps at the very least some items you could use for role playing purposes. At least its something you can hold onto hope for.


As long as this will be on their website, we won’t see sorcery in game.

Keep pray Set so we may have it one day^^

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Hope it never comes.

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Wish it was already here

Wonder if they would be open to hiring someone “working from home”? Conference calls on Microsoft Teams or Skype, uploading builds to Cloud, etc. No, I’m not volunteering (I don’t have the technical skills even if I were to quit my day job), but in our mobile world, it might make sense to pursue hiring opportunities that did not require someone to move their physical location.

I am that 1000% than i wake up & realized bummer i’m dreamland again.

that’s an idea but not a solution, the advantage of working on the compagny building is communication between different teams so everything work fine. The fact being that it’s a commitment to go on annother country to work.

If it never comes then it is not a true Conan game. Sorcery part of the Conan universe. It like having a Conan game without Conan.

You would need to relocate to Oslo as stated in its “You need” section. (link)

They do use Teams btw (as seen in Hugo’s welcoming image)

Can Bryan please get an undead animal named after him.

Like an undead cat or some other undead thing?

I want this!

Conan Exiles is very nearly a Conan game without Conan, though…

(or rather it’s set in the “Conan Universe” but it’s not centered on the character of Conan himself at all)


I am among those who desperately long for a sorcery system for this game. BUT. Sorcery was done HORRIBLY in Age of Conan. I say that even as I mained a necromancer and a demonologist. It would be almost impossible to represent sorcery as it was portrayed in Howard’s stories within the context of a game that is primarily all about combat. And yet… I still want sorcery. Not undead pets I can cook in a cauldron. That’s necromancy and this is a terrible mechanic for this particular dark sorcery. I am woefully disappointed in it. I want what is hinted at in the dialogue of Mek-kamoses!

The Words of Mek-kamoses

You have the look of the lost, stranger. Abandoned, exiled and adrift in purpose.


You need to forge a purpose for yourself in this place. There bracelets we wear sap att our will, suppress our true powers. They are designed to make us meek and pliable.

Do not allow your thoughts to be trapped. Resist it!

I was a sorcerer of the Black Ring, before my exile.

But I opposed the rise of a sorcerer called Thoth Amon. He was powerful and ambitious, made doubly so by an artefact called the Serpent Ring of Set.

He was also…political, forging alliances with King Cstephon of Stygia. I found myself swept aside for my opposition.

Perhaps you think it was foolish of him to let me live? This bracelet suppresses my sorcerous abilities.

I am thoroughly trapped.

It is somewhere here in these lands that Thoth Amon discovered his Serpent Ring of Set.

I only glimpsed the ring once, but there is a similarity between the patterning of the bracelets we wear and the ring.

It follows that the Giant-kings who ruled this place created other such artefacts.

That is the purpose to which I have dedicated myself. I will scour this land in search of the artefact that will restore my sorcery.

And then there shall be a reckoning such as Thoth Amon has never imagined!

Many mistakenly believe that sorcery comes from some innate power.

It is true, that the more corrupted the soul, the more kinship one will find in the creatures of the Outer Void.

But the power to summon comes from knowledge, and that knowledge can be taught.

If you find a way to restore my sorcery, stranger, I will teach you the words written in the Book of Skelos.

I will provide you with access to a power that you have never known before.

*Together, we will raise an army and march forth to take our vengeance! *

Do not expect me to be here forever.

I want to find out how to defy the bracelet and have access to sorcerous power once more. I want it CLEARLY LABELED as sorcery. No more shake and bake pets! I want it to be powerful but to carry a heavy cost that makes wielding a sword or axe, etc. in battle extremely impracticable. I want it to have a high attribute cost, not just a feat cost though that should be there too! I want it to be tied to corruption as was hinted at in early discussion in the game’s development.



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You can have your sorcery when I get my server optimizations so AI doesn’t become blind, deaf and dumb the moment anyone so much as thinks of putting a load on the servers gamethread :rage:


Currently Mods which are adding sorcery to Conan Exiles are under the most popular mods in the workshop. There is also a mod for necromancy and undead minions (also new created ones) @Alexandria which introduced a much better system to the game than the vanilla one.