Where is sorcery? Does the devs need help on spells?

How old is Conan Exiles now? How much dlc does it have? And so far 1 new map dlc. And yet no sorcery. I am confused. Is it a writers block? Is it balance issues? I don’t understand how this game can be called Conan Exiles without sorcery? It like calling a game Harry Potter and not seeing Harry Potter once and making the game have no magic in it.

Hasn’t the game already demonstrated glimpses of what sorcery will look like? :warning: Some creatures in the (Siptah) Maelstrom cast spells. :warning: Soon someone will correct me that “magic” in Conan looks completely different - and most likely there will be a lot of truth in that.

I’d love to see :eyes: a little of “magic” in the game. But not too much and not :clap: too strong, so only a few would use it - not all players…

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I don’t know, maybe because conan never casted a single spell, magic was a wicked thing wielded by the antagonists, and only a few of them, and in a s&s setting sorcery is rare and misterious, CE captures that pretty well, imo.


In the world of Conan, sorcery is a dark, ancient thing that most people cannot even fathom, and probably most would want nothing to do with it even if they could. Not to say that there could never be practitioners of sorcerery among some people banished to the Exile Lands, but they would be few and far between.
In the Howard stories most magic users are like these 4000 year old liches.

The comics have a bit more of it, but not enough to make it the main theme. So it certainly is not like your Harry Potter example, as that is all about magic.

Personally I would not want to really see exiles fling around fireballs or turn into Super Saiyans or whichever. In this game I think that Funcom has captured the whole savagery and survival thing pretty well.


It’s actually in the lore that the slaves bound to the Exile Lands (which includes the people marooned on the Isle of Siptah) are all bound with the bracelet of slavery that blocks most magic.

Somehow it fails to stop you from summoning an avatar of your god with a pimp altar though. :smiley: (grammar fix)


Plenty of sorcery around. There are walking skeletons and wights, and you can raise them to fight for you too. You can teleport yourself around. There are potions that can change how strong or accurate you are. There is an orb that can completely change how you look, or even how tall you are. There is a magic horn that will summon frost giants to fight by your side.

Oh, did I mention a giant, undead, skeletal dragon? That one’s a doozy.



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There is some evidence of possible sorcery development. I’m not sure how much I can say because of forum exploit rules (idk if it even is an exploit), but there is some rudimentary magic systems accessible in the game right now. FC could expand on these fairly easily and give us a basic sorcery system if they were so inclined.


That like saying throwing weapons and bows are the same. Alchemy isn’t sorcery.

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Your exile isn’t Conan.

Base on bracelet rules you shouldn’t be able to have corruption on you either.

What? Make slavery bracelets beneficial? What odd universe do you live in? We’re probably lucky it doesn’t include a ‘kill you after a year’ ability!

Nor would I, but I still wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more sorcery integration. If they need ideas then I suppose they could always look back at Age of Conan for some inspiration. Even the fireballs aren’t really flashy like most fantasy MMOs.

Speaking of AoC, I do really like the spellweaving feature in that game and I think it would be pretty awesome if it could be brought into CE somehow. Like maybe that’s how you bring in the fireballs and stuff. You have to enter into spellweaving mode to do it. The drawbacks would prevent it from becoming something everybody just does all the time. So in practice you’d very likely only ever see it if the person doing it was pretty certain they weren’t going to be attacked.

The rest of this is just for people unfamiliar with spellweaving in AoC:

Spellweaving in AoC involves activating a toggled state where your character gets rooted in place and starts channeling primal magical energies at just beyond what they can safely control. There’s this cool effect where an altar and pillars slowly rise out of the ground beneath and around you, the sky above you turns dark and stormy, magical energy starts rising up around you, etc. I’ll include a video at the end so you can see what it looks like.

Mechanically what this does is: (and I’m just pulling from memory here because the exact details aren’t important.)

A. You can’t move or turn while it’s active. Naturally this also means no dodging attacks. This is the first downside.

B. Spellweaving a channeled ability that uses up a third resource referred to as energy. It’s basically just an extra stamina bar. Once that is gone, it starts consuming health to keep it going and yes, it will kill you if you if you don’t do anything about it.

C. Every so often you get a buff that stacks six times. It takes something like two full minutes to max them out. Each stack boosts your spells in some significant way, like the first one gives you a plain 50% damage boost, but the third one makes some of your single target spells AoE, and by the time you get to six you’re basically three times as powerful overall as you were before.

D. Every few seconds you are presented with a small selection of spells to chose from. These either give a powerful buff or replenish your energy to keep spellweaving going. The buffs only last a few seconds, but are pretty strong.

E. Now comes the big downside. All those buffs aren’t free. Every few seconds, you get a randomly selected debuff that lasts something like 20 or 30 seconds and can stack if you get it again before the timer runs out. These debuffs are harsh and include things like damage over time, mana drain, reducing spell damage, vulnerability to different types of damage, etc.

F. The visual effects work like a gigantic neon sign announcing to everyone that this is what you are doing, so in a PvP situation you might as well be screaming come and get me.

And here’s the video I promised showing what it looks like in AoC.


“It like calling a game Harry Potter and not seeing Harry Potter once and making the game have no magic in it.”

I am not trying to be condescending, but I think you have different expectations from what the stories and lore of the setting really have.

As others have said here, and as I have said in other threads magic isn’t common in the Conan setting. And even when magic is present, it’s not the magic a lot of people are expecting. Magic in the Hyborian setting is mysterious, and dark. It is created through either deeply misunderstood super advanced technologies from an era of high technology even before the setting of Conan, or dark pacts with strange, dimension straddling beings with unknown motivations who we Humans can only conceptualize as gods and demons. Creatures that can indeed give the gift of ripping the laws of reality apart to impose your will, but at the price of slowly chipping away at your humanity. When magic does follow blood lines, like in Harry Potter it is a sign of some kind of union between a human and one of these beings at some point in time, and isn’t a good thing.

The ‘good’ gods of the Hyborian era act least, and when they do act, they do so with their own power- not generally (to my understanding) granting magical powers to their followers. Crom rarely acts at all, and Mitra tends to choose his champions and give blessings - but there are no sorcerers of either.

At the moment, I like that magic isn’t a huge presence in the game, and that the more reality breaking stuff is coming from the antagonists.


Weak slaves are worthless. Strong broken will slaves are useful. That why you wan t3 to t4 fighters.

Get a Tcho Tcho Veteran pet. I think they are working on sorcery of some sort or another. Slowly though.

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I don’t really see anyway to make player useable sorcery that doesn’t stray very far from the source material, unless it’s just more alchemical based stuff like the creation of undead.

Even the undead creation is already a pretty big stretch that all these people can do it, as opposed to one mighty evil Wizard, who are also almost always augmented by magical artifacts and objects or channeled through some dark unknowable entity.

In my opinion in Howard’s works magic is often much closer to Lovecraftian horror than Toilken or other fantasy settings


I still maintain Conan Exiles in no way needs any sort of sorcery system.


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