What about magic?

I hoped sorcery will come with the next large content update. Now there is still no word about magic abilitys or anything like it. Or did I miss something (couldn’t make it in time to see the dev stream today).

I noticed a third status bar in the Status screen some time ago. What is it about?
Sorry, but I can’t upload screens to show you what I mean.
The second bar is health, third one is for stamina. The first one simply shows --/-- at the moment.

Will there be magic soon? There are no bracelts on Siptah that prevent one from using magic abilitys. So please ad some.


If by sorcery you mean shooting fireballs to kill stuff, I doubt that this would ever happen in the base game. There are a bunch of mods that add that kind of magic though.


There are some Maelstrom monsters that shoot fireballs, blood bolts, sonic waves, poison clouds, decay explosions and yellow lightning. The visuals look stuning and I bet we’ll soon be able to do the same. If you want to check this out, install the testlive version of the game and spawn wildlife_siptah bosses from admin console. You’ll get the first look at magic in Conan Exiles.

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I recall them mentioning they had a lot of ideas and even mechanics already tested for magic but “special effects” were an issue because they didn’t have at the time the proper skills to pull them off.
The mentions of effects use for all the upcoming enemies have me curious if this might not come next year thanks to the groundwork which Siptah might have laid there for us.

This said I’m curious as their mention of summoning/necromancy at the time and mechanics specifically involving the corruption makes me wonder if they had something much more different than “fireball slinging” for players, especially since though “firebreathing/etc” monsters were always a thing with Conan, those skills in the hands of true humans are not something I often recall hearing about from the book(if anything, “sorcery” as wielded by humans was more likely to already be the kind of alchemical orbs already featured in the game in a “science sufficiently advanced might as well be magic for primitive people” and a glass orb spewing a cloud of vaporous silent death slaying a crowd of dozen at once can definitely seem to be the work of dark magic if one put themselves in the shoes of those sword and sorcery heroes).

Not quite. We’ve always had more ritualistic magic, like summoning avatars or making skeletons via witch doctor. That’s sorta how it typically works in the conan universe. The happenings of siptah’s magic are derived from the outer planes and Nyarlathotep, as outlined by the expansion’s store page. While different from the magic we know, this isn’t the only magic, nor a norm for the greater conan canon

That being said I want more of all of it. No Harry Potter/D&D magic heavy fireball spam, but more mysticism and ritual for more yield

Also note due to contact/terms and agreements with those that own Conan require that all content remains loreful thus the magic you think would be nice cannot be added but some can

Thus if it comes there will not be a lot

Would be nice though

They said a while back magic is low priority and a years away. Id not hold your breath waiting.

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