But, what about Sorcery?

Yeah yeah I know, Isle of Siptah needs to come first, then maybe you see the Sorcery thingie. But when Siptah is done, could you please focus on Sorcery? ability to draw forth demons, like the Witch Doctor recipes? (Skeletons etc)
I wouldn’t mind paying for it as a DLC separately. Big fan of Conan stories, big fan of the style of sorcery there. Difficult, mostly illusion based. I must admit I was dissapointed to see horses (mounts in general) making it into the game but not Sorcery even as a cosmetic item (e.g. make your skin darker or lighter with powders). Yes even warpaints may count as sorcery but… are they worth it? What if I corrupted myself to summon a bat demon for 2 minutes to fight for me? So many possible things you could do, please do not abandon it


If there would be a spell to kick people out of saddles - I’m all in for it

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I was just reading a Conan story the other day where the wizard was able to more or less lock him into place, unable to attack or even force himself forward - but it only worked while Conan was looking directly at him (sort of ‘hypnotism-plus’ I guess). No idea how such a thing could be implemented, but it would certainly change the game dynamic and tactics if things like that were added :slight_smile:

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I would like to see debuff spells. Like blood magic to freeze or unable to move for a 2-3 sec. So people cant run around like crazy in pvp servers when they get hit lol.

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If pvp balancing is a problem, they could have it disabled on pvp official servers. But I’m very interested to see what could sorcery bring to change the game

In other words: You have no aim and want free hits on the enemy.

I dont play PvP :slight_smile: never had. It was just an example

Long as it had some form of sign, it was about to happen, so player could turn away or block.

It could be doable. But… it could never really be as powerful do to gameplay reasons.

Or make it NPC only, then you can give them commands for a short few seconds. Move there, attack this. XD

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Maybe they are making something cool like in AoC

We sort of had magic before, with fish traps.

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Plus necromansy, teleports in map romes and al the alkemy stuffs!

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Not mention how it works in Books/Lore and how alot of us want it to work wont match up. =/

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And not only that the humans that can carry 100.000 foundations on them or 200 rhino babies but still can kill most mobs and bosses on the map!

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Without a class system, i see no place for sorcery in this game.

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One way that I can imagine it could work without a class system is to use the corruption system to create something of a classic mage/warrior dichotomy. If magical prowess were based on corruption (with more corruption granting greater power), then that means the mage must weaken themselves physically in order to use sorcery. I can imagine that would be abusable without safeguards (get corrupted to perforn the sorcery, then cleanse to fight seems likely to be an issue), but as a base starting point it seems to have some merit.

Would probably need (at least one) suitable attribute to further draw that distinction (encouraging the sorcerer to spend points away from Strength, Vit etc). Minor effects that can be performed with only light corruption, to suit the ‘warrior that dabbles in magic’ trope, more powerful effects requiring more major corruption for the specialists.

Dancers become a problem (as they would ‘cure’ a mage of the ability to use magic :wink: ) - and we know in Conan lore that several sorcerers seem to quite enjoy making women dance for them, so there would need to be a change there as well. Perhaps a low-grade sorcery effect that makes the user ‘immune’ to dancers cleansing effect - or perhaps a special ‘dancer torturing station’ that they can be placed in that even increases corruption (I’m thinking of one of the stories where a dancer is captured by an evil priest (of Hanuman if memory serves) and forced to dance between four pots containing cobras - so long as she can keep dancing, she will stay alive as their strikes miss her, but slow or miss a beat and she will be struck. Perhaps a low-powered version of the station that just maintains the sorcerer’s corruption level, and a higher tier version that increases corruption but ‘uses up’ the dancer (with t4 lasting longer, giving greater effect etc to make it worth ‘burning’ valuable dancers).

Still lots to be solved - but I can imagine something along these lines could maybe work (with careful balancing) - and would even fit quite well with the current ‘thrall is strong’ game style (the physically weak mage with powerful warrior thralls is quite the classic…).

Corruption was intended to be part of the sorcery system, as far as i’m aware of, but following the same stories, sorcerers were rare and powerful beings that worshiped demons and otherworldly creatures that granted them powers.
In this setting the sorcery is indeed existent but not accessible for everyone. Is not about the flashy and spectacular kind of magic that you happen to see in most magic systems, here we would have necromancy, ritual and sacrifices, mummery, mesmerism, herbalism and alchemical sustances, curses. All this at the cost of the own sanity of the caster, not some resource as mana.
That without mention that the current attributes has nothing to do with willpower, intillegence, wisdom, etc. common in rpgs that introduce magic.
Also, if you happen to chat with the priest of Set that teach you their religion, he tells you that he was a powerful sorcerer but lost his powers in Exiled lands.

But of course, All this can be shaped in order to work in this game, but in my opinion, there is no room for it anymore, not without changing a lot of the basic structure of game.

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It will be hard to implent the coruption and decay on the caracters you play to implent a full spelcaster whit more Magic then alredy listed abow. An Sorcery in this world is not the hiefantasy fireball magic yo u ask for is mostly a more subtile style!

Definitely a fair analysis (and yeah, I’m not sure how any system that can work in game gets round the issue of rarity of sorcerers and their connection to ‘otherworldly’ beings - anything that makes it possible winds up having to find ‘balance’ that makes sorcerers no more powerful (overall) than other players - which is a definite problem from a story perspective - we have the otherworldly beings, but balance that doesn’t lead to ‘commonplace’ sorcerers wandering around would be very hard to find).

The Set religious teacher always struck me as a part of how sorcery was originally intended to be added - he always sounds to me like he was planned to be setting you an optional quest that could be the route to learning sorcery. Of course, such a quest couldn’t be implemented without the sorcery system existing to back it, but it just always seemed like there might have been a plan at some point for him to teach you in return for helping him.

That’s certainly seems true (but then, Funcom has shown a willingness to make some fairly major changes to basic structure :wink: ) - I don’t know if change on the level required would even be possible, but it can be fun to speculate :slight_smile:

In many ways, my biggest objection to sorcery being added to the game remains the same it was when I first heard of the idea - in Conan the sorcerer is always the antagonist not the protagonist, magic is something ‘unclean’ that Conan’s barbarian instincts immediately distrust. I’ve mellowed towards the possibility somewhat since then, as I’ve come to realise that anything that adds more choices and more ways to play the game could be beneficial (if done right). But I’ll admit that all this discussion is hypothetical for me, since I’m unlikely to play a sorcerer (for much the same reasons I prefer to worship Crom…).

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And to make it so no one can exploit it will be imposeble!

We need a spell to banish the player from the map