I hunger for sorcery

Where is sorcery? I feel the hunger of magic. I seek magic.

Why so many magic in games dissatisfaction. Every game fears necromancy. Fire is so boring.


Where sorcery?

There is some sort of necromancy, sometimes your body disappears when you die.

Now seriously, the game is supposed to have some magic added to it, but don’t expect a lot since Conan’s world (and I’m not an expert on this) doesn’t focus too much in magic, rather in a more barbaric and physical aspect of combat if that’s what you look for. In any case, that can take some time to implement, givenhow the game is too complex and still patching and fixing stuff on a monthly basics. It will come one day, but you’ll have to be patient, I’d say very patient.

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Necromancery,summoning,rituals,curses and hexs are Conan Lore. Both comics,movies and cartoons.

The devs promise sorcery.

The whole reason corruption in the game is for sorcery.

I am not saying there is no magic in Conan’s lore, it’s just not the main focus as far as I know or it would have been there in the beginning. Thing is, I’d rather have what is already in game working properly before all that comes along, and if I am not mistaken, magic is on the list of to-do things, but way down the list. I would also like to sea magic in game but won’t happen anytime soon. That’s my two cents.

You’re wrong. They want magic in the game. There spell list is done. They need a balance for it.

Magic,pets and settlement system was E3 key selling point.

Sorry Sir, but if you read my answer I never said anywhere that there is no magic planned, on the contrary, there is, just not a priority. That’s what I am trying to tell you all along. Don’t expect it anytime soon. On a side note, if as you say, it is done (which I highly doubt), you may be the lucky one who has direct line with what devs are doing since you are so well informed. I missed the devs statement saying all that about magic. Sorry about that. Good day!

One of this game biggest selling points was sorcery.

They are working on the pet system or have been working on pets and balance pets. No where did I say the game all magic. Corruption has no use in game as of now.

It was mention E3 that corruption was going to be a resource for sorcery.

The devs stated they lack a proper artist for magic.

Sorcery was stated in E3 to not have fireballs.

My point is give us sorcery. It’ll bring back players to this game.

Will Sorcery fix bugs?

I don’t want sorcery because it will be a change to the foundation of the game which means it will be buggy and unreliable for 6-12 months after “release”.

Frankly, I don’t see how sorcery will bring back players to the game. If they stopped playing I don’t think it was because of the lack of sorcery, rather than not percieving a stable core game all in all.

While I’m waiting for some kind of sorcery, too, the game itself currently needs more of some miracle.

You hunger for magic? I hunger for fixing bugs.


I’m also tired of reading about superfluous things and ridiculous demands that do not change the game scenario in any way today. I confess that I am happier with CE after I changed servers 6 times (my problem is with gportal atm) but there is still a lot fixes before we start to expect changes like this one…

They already had age of conan sorcery. What so hard. Used that as a default skin for sorcery then fine tune it.

My toughts exactly, I would -love- to see sorcery soon, but fixing some critical aspects of the game is a lot more important at this point.

Where is the 500 bug/glitch patch?

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